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Mayan Avocado Oil Conditioning & Reforming Therapeutic Hair Masque

The Mayan Avocado Oil Hair Masque by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a restorative, regenerative and replenishing pre-shampoo treatment mask that sheathes hair in a jacket of moisture, offering deep and long-lasting moisturisation, from root to tip. This all-natural, silicon-free, spa-inspired hair mask is infused with plant-powered butters, oils and antioxidants that impart hair with a smooth, soft and radiant finish. The mask revives damaged hair and protects it from breakage, recurrent damage and

Native American jojoba oil Smoothening, Repairing & conditioning leave on serum for all hair types

Gain the lustre of the Native Americans’ luxuriant hair with the Native American Jojoba Oil Hair Serum for Curly Hair by Timeless Beauty Secrets. Custom-crafted for curly hair, this pH-balanced hair serum transforms strands from coarse, unruly and frizzy to soft, shiny and moisturised. Its silicon-free, plant-powered formula envelops hair in sun protection, protecting it from damaging ultraviolet rays capable of fading colour, robbing moisture and making hair brittle, dull and lifeless. The Nati

African Rare Clay Nourishing, Taming and Rejuvenating One for all Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

African Rare Clay Ancient Moroccan women were celebrated for their luxuriant, fragrant crowns of hair, for under the midnight sky, it twinkled with stars and secrets and stories. Many of these secrets had been acquired from their forefathers, who had learned to brave the arid landscape with time-honoured traditions to invigorate their bodies and minds. The most important one, was clay. Only at night did this secret tumble out, when these women performed elaborate clay beauty treatments in valle

Amazon Forest Theobroma Butter Nourishing & Strengthening Resurrection Conditioner For all hair types

Gift your hair the rich conditioning benefits of cocoa butter with the Amazon Forest Theobroma Butter Conditioner by Timeless Beauty Secrets. Garnished with generous servings of cocoa butter, shea butter and green clay, this protein-rich, silicon-free deep conditioner is suited for all hair types and delivers a curative and restorative protein treatment that sheathes hair in shine and softness. It deeply hydrates and nourishes hair, repairs each hair strand, revives damaged cuticles and teases o


Invite the rosemary’s healing properties into your hair with the Mediterranean Dew of the Sea Shampoo by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This deep-cleansing, antioxidant-rich shampoo holds a botanical blend of naturally-inspired ingredients suited for a variety of hair types. Its protein-rich formulation is tailored to lock in moisture, fight dandruff and reduce hair fall from the very first wash. Highlighted by rosemary oil, the nutrient-suffused formula brims with infusions of potent green clay, whic

Moroccan Argan Oil Non Greasy conditioning Leave On Hair Elixir

Borrow from the Moroccans’ time-served hair care rituals and discover deeply nourished, smooth hair with the Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Oil by Timeless Beauty Secrets. Crafted from a blend of ultra-light oils, this daily care hair oil provides deep nourishment and conditioning, recapturing your hair’s smoothness and shine, reducing split ends and combating dandruff and other scalp conditions, while leaving a non-greasy finish. It smoothes cuticles, revives damaged hair strands and promotes hair gro


Douse your hair in the herbs of the Himalayas with the Herbs of the Himalayas Hair Oil by Timeless Beauty Secrets. A nutrient-rich, quick-absorbing and ultra-restorative hair oil that deep-conditions the scalp and fortifies each hair strand, this silicon-free, all-natural formulation seeps harmoniously into the scalp, drawing a blanket of calm over the senses. The Herbs of the Himalayas Hair Oil holds abundant antioxidants and antibacterial properties that keep dandruff, itchiness and irritabili

Oriental Marine Algae Skin Firming & Reawakening Face Masque

Open a trove of marine secrets for youthful radiance with the all-natural, mineral-rich Oriental Marine Algae Face Masque by Timeless Beauty Secrets. Inspired by ancient Japanese beauty rituals, this tingling mask serves to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin, draw out impurities, balance oil levels and treat dry cells by draping the face in a potent, glow-enhancing formulation. The mask leaves the skin fresher, better toned and more radiant, and resurrects ageing skin by lending it form and firm


Wear the ocean’s radiance on your face with the Oriental Marine Algae Face Masque by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This replenishing, illuminating mask cocoons your skin in an indulgent sheath of moisture, leaving it firmer, more luminous and more even toned. The formulation works wonderfully in peeling away the older layers of your skin to expose your skin’s true glow. It also serves to treat and enhance dry skin, and tighten pores, to limit damage from free radicals. With marine algae serving as it


Discover the restorative, anti-ageing and deeply hydrating properties of Moroccan argan oil with the Moroccan Argan Drops Face Cream by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This blend of pure herbal ingredients contains no additives or water, is non-comedogenic and maintains the skin’s natural pH balance. It also offers essential bursts of moisture and caresses the face in a highly moisturising application. Moroccan Argan Drops Face Cream serves to even out skin texture and boosts radiance by peeling back o

Indus Valley Cow Ghee Day & Night Resurrection Face Cream

Relive the secrets of the Indus Valley with the the intensive, non-comedogenic Indus Valley Cow Ghee Face Cream. This highly moisturising, pH-balanced, non-comedogenic face cream is rich in antioxidants and instantly invigorates, lightens and brightens skin, protecting it from exposure to the elements. Crafted with highly potent herbal extracts, this composition offers an all-natural, sensational scent and an extraordinarily smooth texture. Holding time-honoured emollient ingredients like cow gh

Nile Activated Carbon Detoxifying Gentle Face Cleanser

Discover the ancient Egyptians’ charcoal purifying rituals with the Nile Activated Carbon Face Wash by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This activated charcoal-enriched face wash deeply cleanses, removes toxins and pollutants, soothes, softens and reveals radiant, squeaky-clean skin. Rich emollients like coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, castor oil and jasmine oil provide essential moisturisation while further infusions of aloe vera, liquorice, ashwagandha and white tea provide anti-inflammatory, skin

Meditteranean Olive Oil skin brightening gentle face cleanser for dry skin

Seek the powerful skincare benefits of Greek olive oil with the Mediterranean Olive Oil Face Wash for Normal Skin by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This pH-balanced, antioxidant-rich formula films the skin in a silken cleanse and lifts away dead cells, dirt, grime and impurities. It purifies and decongests pores without tightening or over-drying the face. It leaves skin soft, refreshed, and comfortably moisturised. Scented with an exotic fragrance, the formula harnesses the power of olive oil, coconut

Meditteranean Olive Oil brightening delicate face cleanser for Sensitive skin

Enhance your facial cleansing routine with the skincare secrets of the ancient Greeks. Highlighted by olive oil, the Mediterranean Olive Oil Face Wash for Tender Skin by Timeless Beauty Secrets reveals softer, smoother and deep-conditioned skin while gently cleansing away oil, makeup and surface impurities. Custom-made for tender and sensitive skin, this gentle cleanser is infused with potent botanical antioxidant elements that help shield the skin against environmental stressors, allergies and

Roman Orange Peel Deeply Moisturising Illuminating Face Polish

The Roman Orange Peel Face Polish by Timeless Beauty Secrets presents the Romans’ best-preserved beauty secret in a convenient format. This botanical, orange-scented polish comes in an exfoliating formulation tailor-made for oily to normal skin. Orange oil, baobab oil and jojoba oil soften skin, reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production, while a potent combination of radiance-enhancing, pH-balancing, skin-toning, deep-hydrating, blemish-correcting, sebum-balancing and gentle exfoliatin

Savannah Baobab Deeply Moisturising Illuminating Face Polish

The Savannah Baobab Face Polish by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a potent, scented face scrub inspired by ancient Madagascan exfoliating rituals. It gently exfoliates skin, by removing dead skin cells and revealing brighter, fresher layers underneath. Held together by an emollient base of baobab oil, shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, sandalwood oil, cedarwood oil, cardamom oil and aloe vera, the scrub is infused with antimicrobial and skin brightening elements loaded with antioxida

Spanish Castile Goat Milk & Honey Butter Bar For Tender Skin

Custom-made for sensitive skin, the Spanish Castile Goat Milk & Honey Butter Bar by Timeless Beauty Secrets presents the potency of the original Castile soap of Spain in a milder, gentler form. This luxurious butter bar is reigned by goat milk and honey, which deep-cleanse the skin while preserving its natural oils. The bar is enriched with deep emollients like kokum butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, wheatgerm oil, almond oil and grapeseed oil, which offer s

Ottoman Coffee and Vanilla Gently Detoxifying Harmony Butter Bar

Indulge in ancient coffee bathing rituals and give your skin the gift of anti-ageing, with the Ottoman Coffee & Vanilla Butter Bar by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This organic, antioxidant-rich, butter bar has ingredients that combat free radicals and gently plump skin by dilating cellulite, giving it a less noticeable appearance. Seasoned and scented with exotic-smelling coffee beans and vanilla, this butter bar is held together by a deeply moisturising base of cocoa butter, shea butter, kokum butt

Himalayan Pink Salt and Rose Petals Gently Exfoliating Harmony Butter Bar

Cocoon yourself in the bath salts of the Himalayas with the Himalayan Pink Salt & Rose Petals Butter Bar by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This roseate, petal-infused butter bar works as a gentle exfoliant and deep moisturiser that wraps skin in a silken lather. It effectively cleanses, brightens and refreshes skin and carefully works away dead cells to resurface fresher, brighter layers of skin. The Himalayan Pink Salt & Rose Petals Butter Bar is defined by its core ingredients of Himalayan pink salt
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