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Ashiesh Shah becomes the first Indian designer to debut on The Invisible Collection

Dominated by brutalist tribal hallmarks, Shah's design objects hold a mirror to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (an aesthetic concept rooted in impermanence and imperfections). And yet, their identity is distinctly Indian, making frequent references to a sacred and time-honoured Indian form: the lingam. "Revered as an emblem of generative power, the lingam is a form unique to Indian geometry. Its essence is translated to these functional sculptures, lending them a timelessness and ensuring

Sanjyt Syngh, New Delhi's immersive interior designer

The New Delhi-based designer takes cues from darkness to create playful and immersive meta-luxury spaces As I sit across from him in his New Delhi studio, it’s hard to differentiate between Sanjyt Syngh the person and Sanjyt Syngh the designer. “It’s not a job for me. It’s a way of life. Even when I’m in bed, I have a sketchbook and my laptop at arm’s length. I am constantly designing. The best ideas come to me at 3am when I am curled up in bed and it’s all dark,” says the New-Delhi based desig

Edra's bejewelled furniture sparkles at Milan's Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo

When Mazzei and her team initially approached Swarovski to explore the possibility of a custom crystal fabric, they were incredulous. "They said they could try making a decoration, but Edra doesn't do decoration. We really just wanted a fabric made of crystal," proclaims Mazzei. "At first it seemed crazy; they told us it couldn't be done, but then we went to the Swarovski headquarters. They studied how to apply gems to fabric and created a bespoke upholstery for Flap with 750,000 crystals." Many

A fashion line by architects brings together Indian technique and Persian motifs

For designer-architect duo Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal, co-founders of interdisciplinary lifestyle design studio AnanTaya, launching a clothing line that reimagined ethnic block prints was merely an extension of their architectural ambit; a blueprint transmogrified from walls to wearables. The garment collection, christened 'Naksha', is an outré take on ancient Indo-Persian architecture. The inspiration for the collection is the Persian architectural abstraction of hasht-behesht, or 'eight he

Hermès unveils new luxury timepieces in a scintillating scenography at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2021

Luxury lifestyle brand Hermès has long cemented its spot in Europe’s luxury design firmament, a privilege it has earned, courtesy its time-honoured tradition of quality artisanship and fastidious detailing. Its timepieces are no different, shaped deliberately and delicately in the hands of artisans, as timeless ornaments. For the ongoing digital edition of Watches & Wonders Geneva, Hermès is unveiling its latest creation live within a scenography combining the “tensegrity” architectural concept

Good news for homeowners! Sarita Handa opens its online store

If you've been browsing through e-commerce sites all day long, looking for new products and decor pieces to redesign your home, this little bit of news may come as a pleasant surprise. Sarita Handa has now opened a digital platform where designs inspired from across the globe coalesce in an immersive click-and-buy experience. The brand, conceived in 1992, has been synonymous with luxury decor and textiles in the retail realm for over a decade, and its recent e-commerce launch heralds an organic

This new collection by Ritu Kumar Home revives indigenous art forms

Turmeric and chilli palettes, foliated leitmotifs and a sheen reminiscent of a prodigious era of indigenous artisanship are the hallmarks of ace designer Ritu Kumar's eponymous home decor collection, Ritu Kumar Home. Now, a year since its launch, the marque has parlayed its signature design ethos into a novel range of wallpaper prints, premium upholstery and draping, inspired by decades of research, travel discoveries and India's rich generational textile legacy. Indigenous oeuvres are reimagin

New Delhi: This fair pays an ode to sustainable fashion

‘Future Collective—A Conscious Design Fair', an exposition spotlighting conscious design, will witness the coming together of sustainable fashion and lifestyle pioneers on the weekend of 29th February and 1st March 2020 at Bikaner House, New Delhi. Spreadover 10,000-square-feet of indoor and outdoor space, the fair will showcase designs seeded in environmental consciousness and harmony with nature. The exhibition will reimagine fashion and lifestyle designs in future-fit, green avatars, across