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The Elephant in the Room: Overcoming Human-Elephant Conflict | Tata Consumer Products

Tata Coffee Limited awarded the CII IQ National Safety Practice Competition 2017 for ‘Excellence in Work Place Safety’ for their human-elephant conflict mitigation efforts. The forests nestled among the rolling hills of the Western Ghats are home to more than just green plantations and coffee-scented air. Apart from being the centrepiece of Tata Coffee’s national plantation spread, the region also serves as one of the largest elephant biospheres in India. And yet, over the past three decades, t

How to Choose the Best Pediatric Heart Hospital For Your Child

These solid tips are guaranteed to make your decision-making process a whole lot easier Finding out that your child has a heart condition can be upsetting. But the silver lining is that with advances in technology, many congenital heart defects can be treated and managed with timely intervention. If you’ve been scouring the web for pediatric cardiac facilities for your child’s heart problem, knowing what to look for can help you narrow down your search. Here are some things to keep in mind when

Heart Problems in Children: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments - RCHI Blog

From spotting early signs to getting your child treated, here’s everything you need to know about congenital heart problems Congenital heart defects, or heart defects present at birth, affect 8-9% of newborn babies, in varying degrees of seriousness. The good news is that heart defects can usually be addressed through medical or surgical means, and almost all affected children go on to lead full and enriching lives. In some children, heart defects present no symptoms and parents usually remain

Pediatric Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments - RCHI Blog

Heart flutters could have potential effects on your child. Learn how to spot, manage and treat them in this helpful guide If you felt like your heart skipped a beat the moment you first set eyes on your child, you’re probably well acquainted with the idea of a fluttering heart. At least figuratively. And yet, on a literal level, when skipped heart beats happen routinely, especially in children, there may be cause for medical attention. The term, in the medical sphere, is known as arrhythmia. A

Experience Childbirth at Top Labor & Delivery Hospital in Delhi | Rosewalk

Childbirth is a life-changing experience unique to each woman. As a child is born, so is a mother, and this precious evolution is one that emblazons itself deep inside a collective consciousness that gilds the bond between the mother and the child. Making childbirth a memorable experience involves a host of considerations: personal, environmental and sometimes, incidental. If you’re expecting, planning ahead for your labor can be a rewarding exercise. Here, we outline seven factors you must consider when planning your labor and childbirth.

Worried about Delivery during Pandemic? Here's how to take Charge | Rosewalk

1 cup of good support, 4.5 cups of informed choice, 3 cups of equitable care, 2 cups of relaxing environment, 1 cup of birth education and a pinch of confidence. And voila, there you have it—the ultimate recipe for a full portion of baby and an empty portion of belly. Who knew conjuring a positive labor only required a few golden ingredients? The truth is, when it comes to preparing for labor, every woman has a specific perception, inevitably colored by movies and social media. And yet, the portrayals we witness of childbirth are often largely exaggerated, even overdramatised. You don’t have to be screaming down the hallway or demolish your partner’s hand to bring your baby earth side. You can still maintain your composure and truly feel the beats of your labor without letting it dominate your spirit. If you’re worried about what to expect, these guiding principles should hold you in good stead before, during and after labor. Go on and take notes!

Things You Should be Careful in Pregnancy During Pandemic | Rosewalk

Choosing a maternity hospital that you trust can be challenging against the backdrop of the prevailing pandemic. The criteria you might have considered a few years ago are now compounded by concerns about safety and hygiene, pandemic-proof protocols and minimum-contact vaccination procedures. If these sound familiar, take heart. With some research and a little patience, have faith that you will

Elusive Eggspressions: How to Spot Signs of Ovulation

Ovulation is a little bit like an opera singer waiting to make her grand entry with the stage set, the arc lights dimmed and the accompanying artists feverishly heralding her arrival. When she does arrive, her performance is as swish as her entrance, and she's gone before you know it, ready to embark on a month-long sabbatical to return with renewed vigour. Unlike the grand pomp and circumstance of an opera, however, ovulation is a silent, elusive little phenomenon. Ovulation plays a critical r

Secondary Infertility, Exposed: Difficulty Conceiving the Second Time Around

When Shobhit and Priyanka Iyer decided to start a family in 2011, they were amazed when they discovered that they were pregnant within two months of dropping birth control. The pregnancy was healthy and smooth, and in March 2012, they became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl they named Sia. By the summer of 2014, the couple began trying to add another little Iyer to their family, but after about ten months of trying, Priyanka knew there was something severely wrong. This time around, sh

Emotions Through Infertility: A Guide to Embracing the Good and the Bad

From serving invisible tea in shiny pink teacups to bathing tiny baby dolls in plastic mugs, playing house is likely every little girl's favourite game. And the most coveted role in this little make-believe world? That of the momma, the glue that binds her little plastic family together. That picture of perfection usually remains in every girl's mind as she grows, evolving through the years into something more real. By the time she reaches her twenties, the plastic family is now eclipsed by drea

Calcium on My Plate – A Guide on Increasing Your Calcium Intake as You Grow Older

Calcium sits pretty on any plate. It shines through slivers of cheese, glistens through leafy green vegetables, and fortifies the milk in your morning cup of coffee. Of course, it isn’t really visible, but if it were, that’s probably what it would look like, we reckon. Calcium itself doesn’t carry a taste, but it doesn’t hurt that the foods that contain it are favoured by the majority of the population. Cheese, milk and fruit always have our vote. Calcium plays a vital role in a variety of body

Cloudnine Fertility Website

When it comes to fertility, every month offers a new lease of life. That's why, it's important to choose a fertility centre that presents you with a timely, accurate diagnosis and a well thought out treatment plan. Here are some factors you should consider while choosing a fertility centre. Fertility is a complex, superspecialised field. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan pivots on the expertise of your doctor. Your choice of clinic should hinge on the credentials and experience of the do

Smoke Without Fire: The Effects of Smoking on Ovarian Function and Fertility

Smoking is good for nobody. But it becomes even more dangerous when you're on your way to starting a family. Not only does smoking damage your lungs and respiratory organs, it also systematically spreads its tentacles across your body, eroding overall bodily function and eating away at your health. But worse, smoking can deter you from conceiving a baby and severely impair your reproductive graph. Discover how. How Does Smoking Affect Ovarian Function and Fertility? Smoking can hamper the fema

Of Food & Fertility: The Link Between Poor Eating Habits and Infertility

9PM. Another late night at the dungeon of drudgery. Boss out, pizza in. Because, let's face it, can you think of a better way to get through a work-laden weeknight? Ugh. If that sounds like your typical after-hours office schedule, you're not alone. Skipped breakfasts, whirlwind lunches, teatime thela trips and decadent desk place dinners are turning into something of a norm in India Inc, robbing corporate denizens of their health - and fertility - one missed meal at a time. There's an inherent

Fat and Fertility: The Intrinsic Connection

If obesity were a stop sign, perhaps people would take it more seriously. Perhaps they would slow down, look up and take notice. Then, maybe they'd do a U-turn. While obesity comes with enough warnings and physical symptoms and signs, all too often, it is brushed off as merely a cosmetic problem. In reality, obesity comes with a clutch of byproducts, with physical appearance being the only visible manifestation. It increases the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, and joint and back problems

Understanding IVF: 7 Factors That Influence Your Success Rate

Over the past decade, In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has become a magical foretoken of a blossoming belly. It has marked the advent of a whole new generation of couples who have been able to conceive with assistance, and managed to trump a variety of conditions that were otherwise synonymous with infertility. For Best Fertility Treatment Visit The Chandigarh Center. Here, We spotlight elements that are most likely to influence an IVF cycle. Women are born with a finite set of eggs whose reserve

The Lifestyle Lookbook: Factors That Cause Infertility

If you're a serial smoker, a gyrating gym junkie or an authority on all things alcohol; or if you're older than 35, there's a good chance that your fertility metre has started beating to a different rhythm. And not necessarily a nice one at that. Fertility is as much governed by lifestyle as it is by genes, and there are several essential ingredients that go into making a baby; some, that you may have completely overlooked. Get Consultation At The Best Fertility Hospital In Chandigarh. Book an

Fertility Superfoods: What Foods Can Help You Conceive

When the universe was created, the heavens left a little bit of magic in the crops and the nuts, the fish and the fruit, for those who wanted to plant a baby in their belly. These superfoods held the potential to boost fertility and turn the womb into a nurturing nest for a developing baby. Over time, with the progression of mankind, these superfoods were eclipsed by less nutritious alternatives, and eventually, their potency was buried in the dusty layers of time. Book an Appointment with Dr.

Influencers of Infertility: A Look at Conditions That Can Make Conception a Challenge

Infertility isn't tangible; it isn't a physical mark that can be touched or seen. But it can certainly be felt, and for many women, it becomes a feeling that is difficult to shake off. Often though, infertility isn't governed by something that you've done or haven't. It stems from specific conditions, some genetic, others acquired. The good news is that many factors that give rise to infertility can be addressed with tailored treatment plans. Considerations For The Best Fertility Specialist In