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India Houzz Tour: An Art Deco Haven for a Family of Four

In this Mumbai, India, apartment, copper patina walls, smooth arcs and fastidious geometries create a sort of Art Deco time capsule. “The apartment was initially a 4-BHK, which we converted into a 3-BHK with a family room and study. The clients, avid fans of the Art Deco era, requested that their new home reflect this aesthetic. Several materials and elements reminiscent of that style were incorporated into the design of the home. While a series of arcs and arc motifs adorn the ceiling, a blend of circular forms and straight lines is dominant throughout the house,” says Kayzad Shroff, principal architect and one half of SHROFFLEóN.

India Houzz Tour: Vogue Meets Village in a Couple’s Apartment

Set in an upscale neighbourhood with verdant canopies and picturesque vistas, the brief for this apartment was inspired by its surroundings. “The intention was to create a rustic backdrop without compromising on the comfort and plush appeal. To maximise the views, we sought to create an uncluttered, open-plan layout. The client wanted a space that reflected their personality and lifestyle; one that would exude calm, control and exuberance in equal spirit, and serve as an apt venue for all their social events. We created a mood board of rustic finishes and saturated colours, through fabrics, rugs, paintings and artefacts. All the constants were kept subtle while the variables were colour-rich,” says Deepak Guggari, cofounder and principal architect of VDGA. Besides Guggari, the project also included senior architect Rashi Sanson.

India Houzz Tour: An Architect's Pet-Friendly Mumbai Flat

When architect Jude D’Souza – founder and principal architect of JDAP Design – and his wife graduated from being long-time renters to homeowners, they knew that their new apartment had to be tailored to canine needs as much as human ones. “Animals have a distinctive way of relating to space, and our seven-year-old Labrador rescue, Aazad, needed locations from where he could enjoy uninterrupted views of the territory he ‘guards’. We might be labelled one of those ‘multi-species’ families and, therefore, considerable thought was put into how the house may be comfortable for Aazad, as well as for our friends who visit often with their pets,” D’Souza says of the home he designed himself.

India Houzz Tour: A Home of Endless Windows and an Earthy Palette

With a decidedly earthy palette, plentiful greenery and free-flowing spaces, this home in Bangalore, India, designed by Greyscale Design Studio, embraces modern design while paying homage to its natural surroundings. “The couple wanted their home to be inclusive, with each space capable of being a gathering point. They were keen for the home to be open to greenery and that each material [should] have a unique significance,” says Ninu Ahluwalia, one of the principal architects who worked on this project.

India Houzz Tour: How a Nature-Inspired Palette Defined a Home

From the outside, there’s nothing idiosyncratic about this bungalow in Surat, India; nothing that really sets it apart from the fourteen identical edifices that compose the surrounding area. What does distinguish it is the inside story.

“We had to abide by the builder’s guideline of standardised facade planning and exterior treatment. Thus, the internal spaces became our canvas for design experimentation,” says Kalpak Shah, founder and principal architect of Studio Course. By the same token, sustainable materials, local craftsmanship, precise detailing and minimalist design became the hallmarks of Shah’s architectural paradigm. “The client was keen on a mid-century modern aesthetic; something that would endure over time rather than merely pander to passing trends.”