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Mumbai Houzz TV: An Apartment is Transformed Into a Glam Home

As an army kid, Shalini Sekhri’s nomadic upbringing was inspired by adventure. “We were on the move every few years. Wherever we went, we took home with us. Back then, ‘home’ was defined by people, not place,” says Sekhri. As she grew older, however, Sekhri began to feel the need to put down roots. “As a finance professional with a demanding job, I wanted a place with calming vibes to come home to. I was clear that I wanted to custom

A Buyer's Guide to Air Purifiers

Gone are the days when an outdoor stroll meant a ticket to an unlimited supply of fresh oxygen. With air quality constantly on the decline in major cities around the world, clean air is becoming a remarkable luxury. While we might enjoy the benefits of living in a garden city, Singapore also experiences horrible air pollution, especially during Hungry Ghost Month and the haze season. If you’ve been considering an air purifier to battle the spiralling pollution, yet have been constrained by questions, seek comfort (and answers) in this guide.

Mumbai Houzz Tour: A Couple's Penthouse Suite is Darkly Magical

A young couple, keen on crafting a private one-bedroom suite within their family’s sprawling 18,000-square-foot penthouse, approached Sanjyt Syngh, founder and chief design architect of SANJYT SYNGH, to breathe life into their vision. The suite’s dark colour theme stands out as an unusual choice, a departure from typical Indian colour sensibilities. “In this particular project, the abundance of daylight gave me the confidence to go bold with black. I was keen on shattering the long-held myth that deep tones can make a space look smaller. This suite proves that a dark palette can still create a feeling of spaciousness and volume with the help of the right elements,” says Syngh.