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Inside a gorgeous Vastu-compliant minimalist Hawaiian home

For a California couple with two grown boys, Hawaii had always served as an escape. “We visited the islands dozens of times when our kids were growing up, and loved the warmth of the people, the nurturing, healing air, and the peace and tranquility,” says the wife. “We reached a point where we felt we wanted to grow roots here.” There was nothing exceptional about the site they ultimately chose: The landscape was barren but for a grove of kiawe trees and the faint underpinnings of a bygone build

[Print] States of Matter: The Interference Table by Splendour

There is no element in the world that can exist at once as two states of matter—liquid yet solid, moving yet still. Aimed as an exception, perhaps, is a sleight of hand by Splendour in the way of a monolithic marble table that exemplifies, in equal measure, the stillness of stone and the fluidity of water. Christened “Interference”, and part of a larger series that goes by the same name, the sculpture’s surface is characterized by two formidable ripples, one larger than the other, representing fallen raindrops frozen in motion.

Inside a Miami Beach Home Where Nostalgia Never Ends

Few people have the privilege of experiencing their parent’s childhood home. Fewer still have the privilege of reexperiencing it years later. Attorney Eli Poupko belongs to the latter category, although as he explains, the second time around was thanks to a stroke of serendipity. “We were living in New York and thinking of moving back to Miami,” says Poupko, who likes to make music when not in the courtroom. “We were on Zillow one day and stumbled upon a listing for a house my grandparents owned

This nostalgic Kochi home features centuries-old art, soulful curios, and reclaimed wood

No matter how hard they tried, Joseph Karukapally and Sherly Jose just couldn't picture a black front door for their new Kochi home. “The idea sounded preposterous,” remarks Joseph, taking a long sip of freshly brewed tea, impervious, it seems, to the steam it has sent rising up his spectacles. He is seated in the living room of their new apartment, in the company of a breeze and the morning sun. Ahead of him is a coffee table with tchotchkes, behind him, a black front door. “From the very begin

In this gorgeous Mumbai duplex, architecture and art get equal pride of place

It’s not everyday that you come across a project born out of multiple briefs—four to be exact; not that the team at AD100 firm Sanjay Puri Architects was counting. The project, a Mumbai duplex, was somewhat familiar territory for the firm. They had designed the Bafnas’ previous home some twenty years prior, though many things had changed since. The Bafnas had grown by two members, as had the lead architecture team by one: the latter in the way of Ayesha Puri Kanoria, who took up the design reins

Inside a Portland Bungalow Where Summer Never Ends

When interior designer Anna-Jaël Hotzel and her husband, designer and engineer Evan Livingston, first toured the Portland bungalow that would be their next home, it was the garden that sold them. “We had been to about 60 open houses, and when we walked into the garden of this one, we knew right away we wanted to live here,” recalls Anna-Jaël, who worked in advertising and prop styling before establishing her own Portland-based interior design firm, Kollective. To be fair, it was the 10-foot-tall

Inside a Minimalist Hawaiian Home That’s Organized Around Vastu Principles

The land had a storied past. It had once served as a pathway for the natural flow of lava from mauka (mountain) to makai (ocean), and it had glorious kiawe trees—some thousands of years old—dotting its outer edges. Keen to echo this environment into the built form, the couple tapped architects Greg Warner and Sharon Okada of San Francisco–based Walker Warner, landscape architect David Tamura, and interior designers Marion Philpotts-Miller and Anne Tanaka of Honolulu studio Philpotts Interiors.

Ahmedabad: This UFO-shaped weekend villa is an otherworldly escape

About forty minutes from Ahmedabad, not long after the highway has been replaced by fields and the pigeons by plum-headed parakeets, there is a village by the name of Jaspur. It’s nondescript by most standards, no different from the village before or after it. Or so a first impression will have you believe. But inside, past the paddocks of peanut and sesame and the matchbox homes that line the street fronts, is something most locals avow can be found nowhere else in the world. “It’s locally know

Mumbai: This apartment in Dadar East is fifty shades of wood

College friendships are a strange thing. Some survive, others thrive, while still others slowly, quietly, die on the vine. Architects Kasturi Wagh and Vineet Hingorani have experienced all three, and they can confirm, much like the rest of us, that those that fall in the middle category, in the category of great friendships destined to last, are the rarest of rare. So when they received a call late last summer from longtime friend Karan Shah (all three were undergraduate architecture students at

The monolithic Interference table by Splendour bends space and time

There is no element in the world that can exist at once as two states of matter—liquid yet solid, moving yet still. Aimed as an exception, perhaps, is a sleight of hand by Splendour in the way of a monolithic marble table that exemplifies, in equal measure, the stillness of stone and the fluidity of water. Christened “Interference”, and part of a larger series that goes by the same name, the sculpture’s surface is characterized by two formidable ripples, one larger than the other, representing f

Biskit's new showroom in Chennai features spinal cord sculptures, salvaged metal, and art

Founders of Biskit, siblings and designer-artist duo Shruti and Harsha Biswajit never intended to start a concept label, much less design a store around it. But what began as an experiment to find common ground between fine art and contemporary design years ago in Brooklyn soon morphed into an undertaking of a different kind. The pair began creating garments that weren’t merely sartorial; they were, as they like to put it, “wearable sculptures, each imbued with its own unique story.” The studio’

A Seaside Bungalow in New York Where Time Stands Still

In the New York neighborhood of Far Rockaway, just steps away from the beach, is a row of storybook bungalows that look like they belong in France, the Caribbean, or New York in the 1950s. “These bungalows are a bit of a forgotten thread of New York’s urban fabric,” says architect Jonathan Chesley, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the New York–based interdisciplinary practice KTISMAstudio. For him and his partner in life and work, landscape architect Alexandria Donati, the area felt

This Hudson Valley Kitchen Is a Triumph in Creative Upcycling

Longtime friends Jiminie Ha and Jeremy Parker had never considered purchasing a property together. Not until they came across a listing for a circa-1949 house designed by celebrated late architect Philip Johnson, best-known for designing the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. “Jeremy shared the link with a few of us in a group chat, and although the Zillow photos made it hard to believe that this was a Philip Johnson, we were still keen to go see it,” recalls Jiminie, founder and creative d

This home in Kozhikode enlivens its owner’s childhood in the Kerala countryside

Having spent most of his childhood in a traditional home in the Kerala countryside, Vysakh T. P. always knew he wanted to someday return to his roots. “Ours was a quaint and welcoming home, with perhaps only the sound of laughter serving to interrupt the stillness,” recalls Vysakh, a civil engineer by qualification and a management consultant by trade. His college years and a career out of state further reinforced his desire to build a home close to where he grew up, and when the pandemic finally presented an opportunity to work from home, he took it as a sign from the universe to ultimately fulfil it. “By then, owing to my work, I had travelled extensively across the length and breadth of the country, and Goan homes held a special place in my heart. I saw so many similarities between Goan and Kerala homes of yesteryear; be it the sloped terracotta roof, long patios, or courtyards. I had made up my mind that whenever the time came to build a home for myself and my family, it would be an amalgamation of all those elements,” he notes of his decision to build a forever home in Kozhikode’s Elathur.

This gorgeous Mumbai triplex is a play of monumental proportions

Mumbai, the Maximum City. It's a description befitting all its parts—the suburbs and the sky rises, the streetscapes and the seafront—ever spirited, yet never spent. Rare, then, are those places that slow down long enough to let its dwellers stop and truly breathe. Rare, but not impossible, as interior designers Freeyan Neterwala and Zarir Aibara of the Phirosa Neterwala- and Sunu Aibara-led AD100 practice Neterwala Aibara, know only too well. Their latest residential project, an 8,000-square-fo

Mod Minimalist Meets Wild Maximalist in This West Village Apartment

Interior designer Kayla Billings Gardner and her husband, financial technology entrepreneur Clayton Gardner, are opposites in every way. She has a creative bent, he’s analytical. She’s a wild maximalist, he leans modern. She’s into color, he’s not. And yet, in the seven years they’ve shared a home together, they’ve somehow figured out a balance. “In our past homes, we shared every space—in one case, with two other roommates. This was our first opportunity to have designated spaces true to our in

This A-frame weekend villa in Gujarat's Chaloda is a storybook come to life

In the Gujarati village of Chaloda, where farmlands dominate the landscape as do peafowls the sky, concrete structures are a rarity. Most homes are made of earth and grow out of the landscape. And few are taller than the nearest tree. It was these qualities that inspired textile entrepreneur Rajesh Patel to invest in a weekend villa here. That, and the fact that he found a particularly enchanting A-frame villa, situated inside a butterfly-shaped enclave by Ahmedabad-based architecture studio Des

In this red-and-white Thrissur bungalow, nature lives indoors

What happens when a client wants privacy and the outdoors in equal measure? In the case of architects Manuraj C. R. And E. R. Amal Suresh of Thrissur-based i2a Architects Studio, it meant conceiving an inward-looking floor plan, complete with courtyards, trees, and hopefully, a perennial breeze. "The goal was for this Thrissur bungalow to be private, not exposed to the street or to the houses on all three sides, and for the views of the landscape to be maximised. The architecture had to fit into

This Bengaluru apartment is a one-way ticket to Tulum

In one Bengaluru apartment in Indiranagar is a mottled green bedroom with nothing more than a Henri Rousseau artwork in the way of decor. At some angles, the room is reminiscent of Tulum; at others still, it inspires the nature-rich landscape of Southern California. Yet, everywhere in equal measure, its spirit is decidedly Indian—a masterstroke by interior designer Vinithra Amarnathan in keeping the space firmly rooted in its homeland. “Their love of clean, warm spaces and natural, earthy materials set the stage for the palette,” says Amarnathan of the homeowners, a California-returned couple with one young daughter. In a bid to highlight their present while honouring their past, she conceived a design scheme layered with modern and minimal influences from places the couple held dear.

This Bengaluru apartment is a one-way ticket to Tulum

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One of the priorities, Amarnathan recalls, was creating spaces that inspired warmth and cosiness. “Wood was top of the order as far as materials went, but the clients wanted it used in a natural, pared down way, as opposed to rich, heavy applications,” shares the designer, whose team also included interior designer Shreya Shettigar. So followed an exercise in reinterpreting the material in multiple ways: as flo

An old Kochi warehouse is reborn as an ethereal fabric store

In downtown Kochi, where old houses and new shops sit shoulder to shoulder and cafes glitter on every street corner, there's something to be said about the storefronts that reserve the view for the inside. Home furnishings and fabric store Instyle is a compelling case in point. Once a storage and display store for a cladding manufacturer and trader, the 2,000-square-foot showroom features a myriad of textures and colours that allude to a past life. “It was a matter of practicality to keep them,”

This peaceful Bengaluru bungalow magically silences its surroundings

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In containing the spaces, Sahana introduced interventions that would bring the elements indoors: she crowned the courtyard with skylights, maximised windows in the bedrooms, and specified clerestory openings everywhere. A second skin was wrapped around the structure to weave the spaces together and set the stage for the material palette, whose treatment the designer pared down by choice. “The clients had a pref

In This Philadelphia Home, the Bathrooms are the Shining Stars

For Philadelphia natives Mark and Courtney Owens, the pandemic had a silver lining—or two. For one, they became parents. Then, they moved back to Pennsylvania after a decade of living out of state. “We’d spent the last 10 years living across Seattle, New York City, and Chicago, but now felt a calling to be closer to our families,” says Courtney, an HR leader at Google. She and Mark began searching for homes, ultimately landing on a 1920s Colonial Revival home in Penn Valley. “The previous owner had lived there for over 50 years, so the style was definitely dated,” shares Mark, a management consulting professional at Grant Thorton. It wasn’t just the style that the couple disfavored. There was something about the place that just felt heavy (think flashy doses of color, circus stripes in the bathrooms, and mismatched patterns)—a feeling they knew they could shake only with a redesign. An online search led them to Brittany Hakimfar of Philadelphia-based Far Studio, whom they enlisted soon after.

In This Songwriter’s Midcentury Laurel Canyon Home, No Two Rooms Are Alike

The first time they met, interior designer Victoria Holly had an unusual ask for her client, 30-something songwriter Michael Matosic. “He had a very large, very modern navy sectional scheduled for delivery. Within 10 minutes of meeting him, I said, ‘Please don’t kill me, but you have to cancel that order.’ And he did,” says Victoria. Luckily, the request didn’t throw Michael, who was happy to have her lend a helping hand in figuring out a style for his midcentury Laurel Canyon home. “Funnily eno
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