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Goa: This heritage bed-and-breakfast enlivens a century-old family legacy

Like most old Goan homes, Casa Gracia has architectural features that nod to its colonial heritage. Its 2-feet-thick walls, built in laterite stone and mud and finished in lime plaster, are an unmistakable emblem of pre-independence Goa; as are the pitched roof profile and colonial-style red oxide flooring. So naturally for Santimano, retaining them was non-negotiable. "Lime plaster is a material that allows the home's mud-stone walls to breathe. And its imperfect finish only adds to the wabi-sa

Ludhiana Houzz: More is More in This Palatial Bungalow

Intricate sculptures, elaborate detailing and flamboyant palettes define this luxurious Ludhiana bungalow belonging to a realtor and his family. “The client wanted measured doses of colour in every part of the house. We achieved this sense of vibrancy with a design blueprint featuring rich materials and opulent finishes,” says Varun Baweja, founder and chief interior designer of his eponymous interior design firm.

Bangalore Houzz: A Home Inspired by the Retro Style & Iconic Artists

Located on the seventeenth floor of a high-rise surrounded by views, this apartment is akin to a gallery of twentieth-century art. “We wanted the project to take on a retro spirit and we deliberately chose artworks and sculptures inspired by nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists,” says Amitha Madan, founder and principal architect of Treelight Design. Her words ring true in the kaleidoscope of elements that hold a mirror to the signature styles of Helen Frankenthaler’s bold colours, Franz Kline’s calligraphic expressions, Piet Mondrian’s geometry and Jackson Pollock’s abstract forms.

A Modernist-Meets-Modern Home in Warsaw by Paradowski Studio.

Enveloped between the Vistula River and its escarpment, is Powiśle, one of Warsaw‘s most happening neighbourhoods. It’s like a little funfair of Indie galleries and vintage stores and sunshine-y bistros. And then, in the summer, of colourful food trucks and bubbling-over bars that sparkle along the riverside promenade. With year-round promise, it’s no wonder that a young, creative couple chose to make it their home. “They settled on a modernist tenement,” say Zuza and Piotr Paradowski—co-founder

A fashion line by architects brings together Indian technique and Persian motifs

For designer-architect duo Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal, co-founders of interdisciplinary lifestyle design studio AnanTaya, launching a clothing line that reimagined ethnic block prints was merely an extension of their architectural ambit; a blueprint transmogrified from walls to wearables. The garment collection, christened 'Naksha', is an outré take on ancient Indo-Persian architecture. The inspiration for the collection is the Persian architectural abstraction of hasht-behesht, or 'eight he

Here’s how a newlywed designer created a home in a rented Mumbai apartment

It's not everyday that you come across a rental that's dressed to the nines. So when you enter interior designer (and newlywed) Shonali Mahajan's apartment, the first thing that strikes you is the larger-than-life Riyas Komu canvas. Then there are the many beautiful objects in this tastefully decorated cocoon–most of them upcycled, recycled, or inherited "I knew from the get-go that I didn't want to spend money or time on doing any work to the house that we couldn't take away with us when we mo

Architectural Rebirth: Castle-Turned-Convent in Corsica by Amelia Tavella Architects.

The Convent Saint-François, located on the French island of Corsica, looks like a modern-day, Mediterranean version of The Sound of Music—with everything besides Maria and the von Trapp pack in attendance. Old it might be, but there’s absolutely nothing old-fashioned about this 1,000-square-metre castle-turned-convent that dates back to 1480. So much so, that a copper honeycomb veil sits over the structure like a second skin, channelling a fantastically outré flair. “It had lain partially ruine

A Bandra apartment where minimalism gets a tropical touch

In Bandra, a young couple looking for their first home, found an apartment which ticked all their boxes. It had great bones, remnants of its glorious past, excellent fenestration to let in ample sunlight, and the promise that it could turn into their dream abode. Then they turned over the space to Farheen Nanji's table, who created a sunlit, two-bedroom home for them. With characterful moulding, cornsilk walls and pared-back palettes, the apartment, tailor-made for the pair, could easily pass o

Arctic Monkeys Drummer Matt Helders’ Home in LA by Corinne Mathern.

When Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders purchased this 1950s house in Los Angeles, it was nothing like the home he had dreamed up in his head. The mid-century architectural hallmarks were charming. The natural light, not so much. And so, to help achieve his vision—and some extra sunlight—Matt roped in Los Angeles-based interior designer Corinne Mathern (who subcontracted the project to Landmark Building), known for her balanced, collected aesthetic. For a property that would swing between stud

The heritage of Chettinad is alive in this Chennai apartment with unmatched views

On Chennai's East Coast Road, is a 3000-square-foot pied-à-terre with unparalleled views of the Bay of Bengal. The coast on one side, the city on the other, in between, an idyll, exactly as desired by its Mumbai-based owners. “The home was christened ‘Nesavu', a Tamil word which loosely translates to ‘a weave’ and that is what we created here, a tapestry of new and old,” says Gayatri Gunjal, founder and creative director of YellowSub Studio who crafted this space along with a team including Prem

Mud Residence Guesthouse in Belgium by Andy Kerstens.

The most unexpected thing about classic, remodelled homes is the rich layers of personality it dons under its swish new additions. Like hidden badges of honour, or time-served souvenirs. Weathered, worn, but never weary. Such is the luxe, 1960s-revived guest house nestled just outside the forest of Heverlee, in Leuven, Belgium. Dubbed the Mud Residence, the 4-person guest house “is actually a nod to clay that you can shape however you like. The residence is a blank canvas that can be used as bot

Camouflaged Home in Morelia, Mexico by HW Studio.

Deep in the forests of Morelia, central Mexico, rests a home that seems like it could have been magicked to life by a hobbit. It has all the trappings of a hobbit house, camouflaging into the hillside, mirroring the knolls and dells. Unassuming. Barely there. Recognisable only to those who stop long enough to notice it. “This project generates a continuity in the beautiful living surface around the land, forming a new hill in a place already surrounded by many,” say Rogelio Vallejo Bores and Os

Le Moulin Holiday Home in France by Hauvette & Madani.

Le Moulin is a place where time stands still, almost as if someone bottled up its parts and preserved it for posterity. With two hectares of luxuriant downland, a burbling stream, a sheepfold, and orchards brimful of fruit, the charming French auberge sloughs off the stridency of nearby Paris. “For the last three hundred years, the property has been part of the historical fabric of the highly preserved region of Perche Sarthois. Here, the trees are centuries-old, nature reigns supreme, and luxur

In this colourful Surat apartment, art reigns supreme

In the living room, a floor-to-ceiling ensemble of over 50 abstract artworks, inspired by American artist Allan McCollum's The Shapes Project, plays the starring role. It channels the look of an uptown New York art gallery—esoteric, mystical, almost like a scene out of The Da Vinci Code. That is, until the room shifts to ocean-toned cocoons, blush accents and vintage minimalism. Clearly, this 3,650-square-foot Surat apartment is a smorgasbord of flavours. Some new, some old. But all equally tim

Decorative Minimalism: CC Residence in Taipei by ECRU Studio.

In Taipei’s Daan District, where moonlit markets, bars and glittering boutiques dominate the townscape, tranquility secretly dwells in the residential interludes. It was this rare breathe-easy quality that inspired a Canada-returned family to find their moorings here. “Having spent close to a decade in Canada, the owner was in search of a natural environment for his wife and their two kids, and immediately fell in love with this place. It’s a very quiet residential area with many schools,” says

Mumbai Houzz: A Designer Creates a Familiar Nest for Her Parents

When it came to designing a new apartment for her parents, architect and interior designer Rasneet Anand was clear that the home should echo the environs of her childhood. “My parents wanted a home that was warm, and equal parts functional and aesthetic. Having lived in a bungalow in Khar West for over five decades, the size and openness of spaces was extremely important to them. The project was executed during the height of the pandemic where people my parents’ age were being extra cautious. It was my job to make sure their transition from a bungalow to a flat was seamless, and they walked into the final home only at handover, totally surprised,” says Anand, founder and chief interior designer of Rasneet Anand Design.

Pune Houzz: Small-Town Earthiness Meets Modish Flair

Originally from a small town in Maharashtra, the homeowners of this Pune apartment were in search of an aesthetic that straddled small-town rusticity and modish flair. “They had been living in Pune for many years and had recently bought this apartment in a posh locality. For this home, they wished for something colourful and functional, and yet, something that reminded them of their roots. The rustic canvas allows for furniture and accessories in a variety of colours to happily coexist,” says Shrutika Raut, founder and chief interior designer of

Khopoli Houzz: This Home in the Hills Breathes a South Indian Air

Tucked away in the verdant Sahyadri hills of Khopoli, not far from Mumbai, sits a house that exudes a distinctive air that evokes the temples, beaches and homes of the southern states. “The brief emphasised the need for traditional south-Indian elements against a backdrop of modern amenities, colour, art and nature. The house needed to represent the homeowners’ roots, and though it was a holiday villa, it had to embody a sense of comfort and the simple spirit of home. Hence, the house is culturally deep-rooted, yet very relaxed,” says Amritha Karnakar, founder and chief interior designer of her eponymous architectural firm amritha karnakar architectural design.
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