The King Outdoor Furniture Collection - Collection Feature

Established in 1977 as a family-owned, family-run company, King has since succeeded to the vanguard of Australian furniture design, with a portfolio of contemporary, award-winning furniture that is built to last. Its latest outdoor collection draws on a five-decade tradition of high-quality craftsmanship to reimagine al fresco living. From balconies to backyards, courtyards to country houses, indoor-outdoor spaces are integral to the Australian way of life. The King luxury outdoor collection –

Papaya Brings Linie Design Rugs to Australia and New Zealand - Product Feature

Since 1980, Danish design house Linie Design has stayed true to its Scandinavian roots whilst simultaneously emerging as a pioneer of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, with distribution to over 70 countries. Now, for the first time, the company brings its decades-old tradition of textile craftsmanship to Australia and New Zealand through an exclusive distribution partnership with Papaya. Rooted in an abiding tradition of craftsmanship, Linie Design’s rugs are handmade by skilled artisans, affor

[Print] The Brilliance of Tara

As a child, Gita Wolf was an avid reader: "I was mostly fed on Anglo-Saxon books, where it seemed to me that fun and adventure seemed to happen only to children in other places. And I wondered, why not right here?" Many years later, as a mother to a young son, the question, in her mind, still remained unanswered. Little did she know that she would find the answer herself, blazing a new trail for children's books in India, and shining a light on indigenous folk art along the way.

[Print] Notes from Bhutan

Bhutan has long been hailed for its inherent spirit of optimism, something the Himalayan kingdom has managed to parlay through the pandemic with a renewed focus on art and culture. The latest case in point is the country's largest-ever overseas art exhibition, christened 'Healing With Happiness', currently on view in Brussels. Organised by Voluntary Artists Studio of Thimphu (VAST) in collaboration with the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Brussels and the Belfius Bank, the exhibition—which spotlights 175 artworks by 68 Bhutanese artists—commemorates the wedding anniversary of Bhutan’s king and queen, and holds a mirror to the king’s vision of creating ‘art to touch people's lives'. Inaugurated in October 2022, it will remain open for viewing at the Belfius Bank until the end of March 2023.

This book publisher has been creating magic with indigenous art for almost 30 years

For Wolf, who considers herself an accidental entrepreneur, it was important that each page inspire wonder. “I wanted to create books that would make children want to read—nothing preachy or moralistic. My other interest was in the visual: I was fascinated by picture books. I’ve always loved art, but it was never taken seriously when I was growing up.” She started off with little more than two book ideas and a few finished handmade pages. V. Geetha joined her in 1996 and the two have since maint

A new exhibition by VAST Bhutan is a sanctuary of therapeutic Bhutanese art

For Bhutanese artist and curator Asha Kama—widely credited for having started the contemporary art movement in Bhutan—the curatorial ethos was informed by joyful things: people, landscapes, auspicious motifs, cosmic mandalas, and mythological icons and deities. The mediums vary widely, ranging from natural pigments and acrylic to mixed media, and installations of wood, mirrors, and traditional Bhutanese musical instruments. What doesn’t vary is the overarching theme of healing. As a platform fo

The Erskine Sofa by Kett - Product Feature

The Erskine Sofa by Kett is inspired by the tones and textures of the Australian landscape, whose undulating topography is reimagined in its waterfall-like sweep. The Erskine is made to order in Melbourne in a range of upholstery options that hold a mirror to Australia’s warm tonal deserts and cool misty mountains. As the focal point of the living room, the sofa often inspires fond memories. For many families, it is not just a piece of furniture but rather an investment that requires thoughtful

District and Mattiazzi - Collection Feature

Australian design brand District has long championed sustainable design, supporting and collaborating with responsible, environmentally sensitive makers from across the world. Its 10-year partnership with Italian sustainable furniture brand Mattiazzi is testament to this ethos. Recently, in commemoration of their decade-long association, District’s Sydney showroom opened its doors to clients, inviting them to participate in workshops that showcased Mattiazzi’s thoughtful product life cycles. Si

For the Love of Linen – Carlotta + Gee

Since its inception just over four years ago, Carlotta + Gee has developed a versatile and growing repertoire. The bedding collection, which can be found in luxury accommodation like The Barn Tas, includes duvet covers and sets, flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and a mini flat sheet. This bedding collection is available in 17 earthy colours and has recently expanded to include not only king and queen sizes but single, king single and super king too. The flat sheets’ built-in 20-

5 art exhibitions to look forward to in Kochi, Goa, Vadodara, and Hampi

For our last issue of the year, we round up the upcoming art and design festivals and exhibitions taking over Kochi, Goa, Vadodara, and Hampi, along with the opening of a much-awaited private museum in Bengaluru. There’s optimism even in the darkest absurdity,” reads the curatorial statement by Shubigi Rao for the fifth Kochi-Muziris Biennale; it reflects the spirit of the mega showcase ready to return after the pandemic with a cast of 80 artists and collectives from 30 countries. As this year’

Design platform Curio brings Indian artisanship to the global stage

Growing up in India, Shalini Misra was always surrounded by exemplary artisanship. “It always fascinated me, and today, most of my work is bespoke, with layers of materiality that hold a mirror to their maker,” says the London-based interior designer, whose Delhi home previously graced AD’s cover in January 2020 with its spectacular Charles Jencks-designed garden. Over the course of her 20-year career, Misra has discovered and collaborated with some of the world’s rarest craftspeople, and remain

The Curated Finishes Collection by Phoenix

At a time when kitchens and bathrooms are increasingly becoming personal sanctuaries, The Curated Finishes Collection is conceived to offer for both designers and homeowners the freedom to find the ideal finish that complements their overall material and colour palette. Considering tapware, mixers, shower heads and accessories like towel rails, shower shelves, soap dishes, robe hooks and toilet roll holders all within the same ethos, The Curated Finishes Collection seeks to embolden design visio

Carlotta + Gee x Nadia Fairfaz-Wayne Launch a Spring-inspired Napery Collection

Over a year in the making, the co-founders of Carlotta + Gee, Georgie Cavanagh and Carlotta Casals, considered Nadia the obvious choice for the collaboration. “Nadia is the ultimate host. We couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather do a napery collection with. She is very Carlotta + Gee. Her unique colour choices and style make you want to sit down and enjoy yourself around a table. These products will be a breath of fresh air this spring as people revel in each other’s company again,” say

Sydney: A Kitchen Prototype Breathes New Life into Construction Waste

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by. If there is one lesson that designers can learn from the culinary world, it is how to approach today’s scraps as tomorrow’s starting points. With Offcut Kitchen, Sydney design firm Second Edition turns fresh attention to overlooked ingredients. Incorporating a combination of upcycled offcuts, reclaimed appliances and re-

[Print] Meet the Makers: Claymen

Aman Khanna could never have predicted that he would one day be selling faces. And yet, today, his signature stoneware clay and terracotta figurines, christened Claymen, take pride of place in the homes of fashion designers, musicians, friends and artists, and enjoy a cult Instagram following. "The pursuit started out as something I wanted to do for myself. I had no intention oof Claymen being where it is today. I certainly did not envision dedicating most of my time to a venture like this," he smiles.

GlobeWest Launches Collections 2023 - Collection Feature

Established in 2004, GlobeWest furniture has long stood by a philosophy of design diversity, underpinned by the belief that every home and every person is unique. GlobeWest’s Collections 2023 pay homage to homes of all styles and signatures, from classic, eclectic and retreat to modern and contemporary. The latest launch of 22 new collections and over 750 new products is a compelling case in point. “The desire for creating comfort and connection in the home isn’t going anywhere, but we’re seeing

4 women-owned decor brands that will usher nature into your home

Gone are the days of mass-produced fabrics and cookie-cutter tableware. With shoppers becoming ever more discerning, and Instagram becoming an ever-expanding cabinet of curiosities, handmade, nature-inspired novelties—from pressed flower prints and flora-inspired artworks to handmade pottery and ceramics—have taken the spotlight like never before. Here are four homegrown brands that are rewriting the rulebook for handmade products with a nature-infused edge. For Charmaine Sah, her home garden p

Seat at the Table Presented by AHEC and Riva 1920 - Sustainability Feature

AHEC and Italian furniture maker Riva 1920 jointly presented Seat at the Table at the recent Triennale Milano. The program, which focuses on promoting underused American hardwoods, showcased the work and designs of four emerging Italian design talents, who were given the rare opportunity to convert their idea into a prototype. This year at Triennale Milano, sustainability commanded the spotlight. Between 3rd and 12th June, the design and art museum was the venue for a novel program, christened

The Alhambra Table by Daniel Boddam - Product Feature

Daniel Boddam’s new Alhambra Table holds a mirror to Granada’s historic Alhambra Palace, which served as an inspirational reference point for the architect and designer during his travels to the Spanish city. With Moorish flourishes and modern touches, the table is made locally in Australia and speaks to a new-age Australian audience. Daniel Boddam’s travels to Granada during his formative years helped shape him in more ways than one. Not only did it inform his outlook, but it also served to pr

AHEC Unveils Forest Tales at Triennale Milano - Project Feature

The American Hardwood Export Council’s (AHEC) Forest Tales exhibition, helmed and curated by Studio Swine, recently debuted at Triennale Milano during the Milan Design Week. Showcasing 22 handpicked designs from 14 countries, the show aimed at spotlighting three underused American hardwood varieties – maple, cherry and red oak – noted for their exceptional carbon-neutral and carbon-negative properties. Forest Tales, AHEC’s latest exhibit, was open for viewing between 3 and 12 June at Triennale
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