Ludhiana Houzz: More is More in This Palatial Bungalow

Intricate sculptures, elaborate detailing and flamboyant palettes define this luxurious Ludhiana bungalow belonging to a realtor and his family.

“The client wanted measured doses of colour in every part of the house. We achieved this sense of vibrancy with a design blueprint featuring rich materials and opulent finishes,” says Varun Baweja, founder and chief interior designer of his eponymous interior design firm.

Bangalore Houzz: A Home Inspired by the Retro Style & Iconic Artists

Located on the seventeenth floor of a high-rise surrounded by views, this apartment is akin to a gallery of twentieth-century art. “We wanted the project to take on a retro spirit and we deliberately chose artworks and sculptures inspired by nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists,” says Amitha Madan, founder and principal architect of Treelight Design. Her words ring true in the kaleidoscope of elements that hold a mirror to the signature styles of Helen Frankenthaler’s bold colours, Franz Kline’s calligraphic expressions, Piet Mondrian’s geometry and Jackson Pollock’s abstract forms.

Mumbai Houzz: A Designer Creates a Familiar Nest for Her Parents

When it came to designing a new apartment for her parents, architect and interior designer Rasneet Anand was clear that the home should echo the environs of her childhood.

“My parents wanted a home that was warm, and equal parts functional and aesthetic. Having lived in a bungalow in Khar West for over five decades, the size and openness of spaces was extremely important to them. The project was executed during the height of the pandemic where people my parents’ age were being extra cautious. It was my job to make sure their transition from a bungalow to a flat was seamless, and they walked into the final home only at handover, totally surprised,” says Anand, founder and chief interior designer of Rasneet Anand Design.

Pune Houzz: Small-Town Earthiness Meets Modish Flair

Originally from a small town in Maharashtra, the homeowners of this Pune apartment were in search of an aesthetic that straddled small-town rusticity and modish flair. “They had been living in Pune for many years and had recently bought this apartment in a posh locality. For this home, they wished for something colourful and functional, and yet, something that reminded them of their roots. The rustic canvas allows for furniture and accessories in a variety of colours to happily coexist,” says Shrutika Raut, founder and chief interior designer of shrutika.raut.design.studio.

Khopoli Houzz: This Home in the Hills Breathes a South Indian Air

Tucked away in the verdant Sahyadri hills of Khopoli, not far from Mumbai, sits a house that exudes a distinctive air that evokes the temples, beaches and homes of the southern states.

“The brief emphasised the need for traditional south-Indian elements against a backdrop of modern amenities, colour, art and nature. The house needed to represent the homeowners’ roots, and though it was a holiday villa, it had to embody a sense of comfort and the simple spirit of home. Hence, the house is culturally deep-rooted, yet very relaxed,” says Amritha Karnakar, founder and chief interior designer of her eponymous architectural firm amritha karnakar architectural design.

Alibaug Houzz: This Inside-Out Vacation Home is a Tropical Oasis

On a 1.3-acre plot of land in a sleepy Alibaug village sits a home that looks like a disassembled collection of leaf-shaped canopies. Each structure – or pod, as architect Shimul Javeri Kadri calls it – has an independent leaf-shaped roof that mirrors the nature around.

“The homeowners – a couple with three kids – wanted a weekend home where they could slow down their pace and let out a breath. The brief was to design a house that was totally inside-out and allowed for living amidst nature, while rendering the comforts that the family was used to in Mumbai. Alibaug provided the perfect setting, thanks to its serene, tropical habitat of gentle hills, farmlands and swaying palms,” says Shimul Javeri Kadri, founder and principal architect of SJK Architects.

Renter's Dilemma: How to Update an Indian-Style Kitchen Design

Barren walls, exposed plumbing and gaping spaces are hallmarks of old-style Indian kitchens. And while the style has served generations before us, it does fall short on form and functionality. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and aren’t ready to splurge on woodwork, or are faced with the quintessential rental dilemma – to add or not to add functional touches – this guide should have you covered.

How to Partition the Living Room From the Dining Area

There are no rules set in stone when it comes to separating the living room from the dining room. And yet, designating separate zones for general entertainment and intimate dining becomes a priority for most homeowners, especially with open floor plans gaining pace. Whether you’re looking for ways to design a new living-cum-dining space or are simply giving your existing one an upgrade, here are some tips from homes that have mastered the art of zoning.

8 Winning Wall Decor Ideas for the Bedroom

As your personal chamber, your bedroom ought to echo your style and sensibilities. Yet, while the perfect bed arrangement, furniture and fixtures will likely make it to the top of your list, you might find yourself overlooking the empty space your walls have to offer. If your walls are blank, they could be the missing piece of your decor puzzle. Fill them in with beautiful things that you’ll enjoy looking at. If you’re on the lookout for inspiration to bedeck your walls, here are eight winner wall decor ideas to choose from.

Mumbai Houzz: A Duplex for Four Generations

The thing about designing a home for four generations is that design sensibilities among family members can differ widely. Founder and principal architect Manish Dikshit of Aum Architects got this project through Houzz, and figuring out how to get all members on board was the linchpin of the design blueprint. “Catering to a family of varied ages and aesthetic bents was certainly a challenge. By the same token, we decided to bring in diversity by giving each bedroom a unique identity while keeping the common areas neutral,” says Dikshit.

Bengaluru Houzz: Town Meets Country in This European-Chic Villa

When the clients – a young couple with two kids – approached Swati Seraan for their interior overhaul, they were keen on mirroring the villa’s European-style exterior inside the home. “They knew that we specialised in rustic and countryside design. And since they were clear that the villa should take on a modern-meets-rustic vibe, with a touch of old-world charm, we made a good fit,” says the founder and chief interior designer of By the riverside.

Mumbai Houzz: An Art Deco Haven for a Family of Four

In this Mumbai apartment, copper patina walls, smooth arcs and fastidious geometries create an a sort of art deco time capsule. “The apartment was initially a 4-BHK, which we converted into a 3-BHK with a family room and study. The clients, avid fans of the art deco movement, requested that their new home reflect this aesthetic. Several materials and elements reminiscent of that style were therefore incorporated into the design of the home. While a series of arcs and arc motifs adorn the ceiling, a blend of circular forms and straight lines is dominant throughout the house,” says Kayzad Shroff, principal architect and one half of SHROFFLEóN.

Surat Houzz: Bare Brick and Exposed Finishes Complete This Home

When the clients first enlisted architect Tejas Mistry to build their family bungalow, they had one concern: with the plot surrounded by tightly built form, there would be very little scope for the home to breathe. “The client wanted us to create something magical and outdoorsy, with lots of daylight, ventilation and greenery. The home has various layers of privacy; the private zone is on the inner side while the recreation areas are along the front. We took care to ensure that the flow of natural light remained unhindered,” says the founder and principal architect of The Interior Workshop.

Bangalore Houzz: Radeesh Shetty's Home Gets an Island-esque Update

Nestled on a verdant street in Bangalore’s posh Indiranagar neighbourhood, this twenty-year-old townhouse breathes a tropical modernist air. For its owner, design entrepreneur Radeesh Shetty, the house is a tapestry of his travels, a curator’s sanctuary full of heritage artworks, antiques, artefacts and souvenirs that hold a mirror to bygone journeys.

“Reminiscent of the tropical modernist style of Geoffrey Bawa and Minnette de Silva, this home derives its inspiration from the mystic island of Sri Lanka. The intent behind the renovation was to allow nature to engulf the home in its entirety; where the glinting sunlight, pattering showers, and surrounding sights and sounds would coalesce fluidly with the interior,” says Kavya Sheth, founder and chief interior designer of Studio Ruh. Besides Sheth, the project team included Vasundhara Shiva Kumar and Priyanka Singh.

Bangalore Houzz: This Boho Flat Has a Half-His, Half-Hers Spirit

The homeowners, a young couple with distinct design identities, approached Vinithra Amarnathan, founder and chief interior designer of Weespaces, with a brief that was split down the middle; half-his and half-hers.

“Kausthuba loves traditional curves and wood elements that remind her of her 72-year-old ancestral home in the coffee estates of the Western Ghats where she grew up. Upen is an avid traveller and a bookworm who loves modern touches, clean lines, metal, rustic wood and cool colours. Their shared love of Greece is what ultimately harmonised our brief and helped meld their styles into a richly layered look,” says Amarnathan.

Anand Houzz: Each Room Is Unlike the Last In This 5000-Sq-Ft Bungalow

For a family home spread over nearly 500 square metres, this bungalow, nestled in a quiet street in Anand, channels a surprising lightness of spirit.

“The brief was underscored by a need for open-plan spaces, interactive zones, contemporary interiors and sunlight everywhere,” says architect Ashish Patel, who, along with fellow architects Nikhil Patel and Nilesh Dalsania, and interior designer Vasudev Sheta, formed the four-member project team of Ace Associates.

Faridabad Houzz: The Sun Lights Up This 470-Sq-M Home

When Deepti Bansal and Joaquim Rodrigues, cofounders and principal architects of Purple Studio, first received the brief for a family bungalow in Faridabad, what stood out immediately was the plot size.

“The plot measured a mere 300 square metres, and we had to be imaginative when it came to carving out expansive spaces within the limited footprint. There was no compromise made on the size of habitable spaces, despite the substantial size of the green courtyard. All the spaces feel much larger than they truly are and are well-lit and ventilated. On a typical day, there is no need to switch on the lights until dusk,” says Bansal.
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