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New Delhi: A builder floor gets a second life as a palatial family residence

When Shalini Ganguli boarded a Kolkata-bound flight in 2019, the London-based designer had little inkling that the trip would be a one-way deal. Ganguli, who was expecting at the time, had planned to deliver in India. What she hadn't planned on, or expected, was a pandemic that would change her life in more ways than one. "I realized I would be in India indefinitely. And then, one day, a few months into the lockdown, I received an email from a family who had recently acquired a property and were

Dream Weaver: A Spanish-style Casita in Darlinghurst by YSG Studio.

Perhaps it was the pandemic-induced isolation, or their newly minted status as empty nesters, but when one Sydney couple acquired a penthouse overlooking Rushcutters Bay, they were mainly enthusiastic about one thing—dialling up the pizzazz and making up for lost time. And dial it up they did, thanks to Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem of YSG Studio, whom they tapped to give the home a Spanish tapas bar-inspired spin. With larger-than-life landings, glass walls, deep pile bespoke rugs and hypnotic stone s

A Modish B&B in Red Hill by Tom Robertson Architects & Simone Haag.

The very mention of a bed-and-breakfast can conjure up visions of chintzy chairs and lace curtains and fluffy three-egg omelettes that taste like Sunday morning. Bassano is none of that—except for the omelettes, which they will happily indulge. With a charcoal aesthetic and a menagerie of vintage pieces, the Red Hill, Victoria bed-and-breakfast has a voguish-meets-vintage quality ideal for placid days and carefree stays. Once a pair of standalone cabins, the owners, Scotty and Eliza Bemelen, ro

This terracotta-themed Mumbai apartment is a warm and serene sojourn

Living in Mumbai, more often than not, can feel exhausting. And yet, the secret to staying sane in a city that is always on the move, as a 30-something couple found out, is to find an escape that sloughs off the din of the metropolis'. "We decided to give it a terracotta spin," says Mahek Lalan, who stepped in to give their apartment an earthy makeover. "We designed an aesthetic rooted in organic tones that nod to the earth. Terracotta was a perfect reference because of its impermanent and trans

La Hacienda Jardín in Tepoztlán, Mexico by Práctica Arquitectura.

There’s something thoroughly Willy Wonka-ish about the Mexican valley town of Tepoztlán. Known for its exotic ice cream flavours, great weather, and otherworldly flora and rock formations, it earned the title of Pueblo Mágico, or Magic Town, back in 2002. So naturally, it stands to reason that it’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike. “With a population of a little more than 35,000, it is a quiet weekend escape for city dwellers and the perfect retirement oasis,” says David Martínez Ramo

How a childhood home in Mumbai was redesigned to make it more senior-friendly for parents

As we settle into the living room, it's obvious that the Shahs have a thing for understated luxe. "We wanted the house to look lavish but contemporary, with lots of wooden and marble textures. Now that Dhvani and her sister are married, the focus lay on reconfiguring the primary layout to accommodate just my husband and me," says Dhvani's mother, when Dhvani chimes in, "And I had to figure out how I would create a house that echoed their sensibilities, but also, grow with them as they got older.

The Spa-like Hyundai Seoul Shopping Centre by Burdifilek.

When you step into The Hyundai Seoul, it’s not immediately obvious whether you’re in a spa or a shopping centre. With zen design elements, a waterfall garden, luxuriant greenery and sprawling spaces, the department store—South Korea‘s largest—puts a whole new spin on the term ‘retail therapy’. The multi-level scheme is courtesy of Toronto-based interior design firm, Burdifilek, who created the store as part of a larger complex featuring offices, shops and leisure spaces, just in case shoppers de

Taiwan: A Sanctuary-like Villa Near the Highway

Situated just off the thoroughfare in Tainan City, this home — named Eden Oasis — is well connected to arterial roads yet cocooned in luxurious nature. ‘The home is held in by a U-shaped glass enclosure, making nature a neighbour and offering the illusion of living in a forest as opposed to just off an urban highway,’ says Keng-Fu Lo, founder and managing director of Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, who was enlisted by the homeowner, a young professional, to give the villa a san

This multigenerational Mumbai home seeks inspiration from the owners' Bohra heritage

Beside the historic Mazgaon Dockyard in Mumbai rests an apartment that mirrors it in look and feel. There’s the same salty air, the same seaside breeze. The sunlight falls almost identically, as though in topological agreement with the walls within. But that’s where the similarities end. As you venture deeper inside, you’re swept up in a sea of another kind — one of eclecticism, bright accents and monochrome backdrops. Refined and rustic sit on the same plane, and Art Deco elements share the sp

A Renovated Victorian Terrace House in East London by Daytrip Studio.

Clapton is one of those East London districts that often goes under the radar, with a spirit that straddles breezy and bold. With a glittering trail of restaurants and bars, an unmissable weekend market on Chatsworth Road, and a canal that sidles past it, its part-zen, part-zappy character was what caught the attention of one London family. Having set their hearts on an unassuming Victorian terraced property, they quickly realised that they’d need to enlist an architecture firm to give it a thor

This cozy, eco-conscious villa in Uttarakhand grows out of the Himalayan hinterland

The villa tips its hat to Uttarakhand's time-honoured wood carving traditions, in the way of artisan-cut timber frames at the entrance, Kumaoni wood leitmotifs, and hand-carved ornamental details. "The material palette of timber, slate, and local stone builds on the lexicon of the region’s Kumaoni vernacular," says Arora. Remarkably, the interior design scheme mirrors the experience of a treehouse, thanks to classic hand-crafted woodwork underpinned by modernist angles, clean lines, and contempo

Kerala: A Thalassery bungalow takes root in a childhood vegetable garden

There's something about the first floor that whispers of the wild. Parrot green tiles vivify the passage, while the colours of the coastline are channelled in the blue-and-yellow oxide bedroom floors. The landscape continues in the four-poster bed and the clay ceiling tiles, eventually culminating in a petite al fresco garden. Not to be outdone, the bathrooms showcase similar palettes: While one has rubble-like natural cladding in the shower area, a stone basin, aqua blue accent tiles, and a sky

Mumbai: A 30-year-old apartment gets a black-and-white facelift

When the clients, with whom Thomas has crossed paths almost ten years prior, came knocking, no one could have predicted what would happen next. "The lockdown meant that we had to conceptualise the entire project remotely. No site visits, nothing," rues Thomas, who orchestrated everything from her Bangalore-based studio. But as far as concerns went, the lockdown was the farthest thing from the clients' minds. "They were more worried about how, or whether, we could maintain a bare minimum palette.

A House on a Cliff in Costa Brava by Marià Castelló and José Antonio Molina.

El Port de la Selva is one of those fishing towns that’s as swish as it is sleepy. With vineyards, golden coastlines, mountainscapes, and works of Salvador Dalí, the seaside settlement, nestled in the northernmost part of the Costa Brava, is nothing short of a Mediterranean postcard. But what’s most unusual about the town isn’t it’s picturesque setting, but the volcanic overhangs that fringe the town, appearing like lava lamps mid-motion. The only thing more striking than the outcrops, perhaps,

A Surat apartment that opens up like a jewel box of colours and textures

What's interesting in Marwah's production is that the floor has star value. In the entrance, for example, a black-and-white piccolo mosaic parlays into a blue vestibule area with white marble inlay. The common spaces luxuriate in black Belgian marble, whereas a gilded monochrome tapestry unfolds in the transitional spaces. Herringbone flooring gives the living room the air of a genteel gentleman's club, while custom rugs offer a tactile edge. "The flooring at once coalesces and divides the space

Actors Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan’s newlywed nest is a storybook come to life

At the door of actors (and newlyweds) Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan Seal's new Mumbai duplex, the nameplate is conspicuous by its absence. What is not is the cheery (LED) baby seal that takes its place, animating the wall and nodding to its namesake owners. “It's fun to watch people guess," says Anushka. "Those who get it, get it. And it makes for a great conversation-starter." But the unlikely sea creature isn’t the only thing setting the entryway apart—because if the peach-toned front door (a

Designer Maximilian Eicke’s Eccentric Home in Bali.

For most of us, quarantine was a time of baking extravaganzas, newfound hobbies and pyjama-clad Zoom calls. But in Maximilian Eicke‘s case, the isolation was a little more life-changing. The German-born designer, who shuttles between The Hamptons and Southeast Asia, used the time to build a house for his family in Bali. The catch? The site, originally a rice field, wasn’t the nicest of properties. The terrain was barren and life-starved. So what happened next was rather serendipitous. “A massi
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