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This seafront apartment in Mumbai is an ode to the magnificence of the ocean

On the 19th floor of a Mumbai high-rise, within striking distance of the ocean, is an apartment that could have been born from the sea. "Well, that is what inspired it," says Kunal Barve, founder and principal architect of Interface by Ar. Kunal and Mihir—who was enlisted to turn the bare shell into an ocean-inspired oasis for a family of five. The bonus, admittedly for the architect, was that he was well-acquainted with the family. "I had done a home for them 15 years prior, which had even land

Inside an East Hampton Farmhouse That Marries Old and New

When Jordan Carlyle and Mario Margelist first moved in together seven years ago, the thrill of being in the same city and, importantly, the same house was too great to risk jinxing. “We had been in a long-distance relationship for some time, and Mario was shuttling between Zurich and New York every month or so, working from here when he could. That is, until we realized there was no reason for him not to work from here full time,” recalls Carlyle, founder and principal of New York–based Carlyle

Warm and Familiar: Little Cat Lodge in the Hudson Valley by LOVEISENOUGH.

Little Cat Lodge isn’t little, nor is it for cats (although you can bring them along if you so wish). What it is, is an alpine retreat with a tavern and a bar and twelve guest rooms that could have popped out of twelve different postcards. Nestled at the foothills of Catamount Mountain, the Hudson Valley property, as its designer Loren Daye—founder and principal of LOVEISENOUGH—aptly puts it, “merges the rustic charm of an alpine lodge with the magic of mid-century Berkshires.” The design borro

A Tiny London Bathroom Gets a Forest-Like Makeover

Naomi Smart has always had a thing for matchbox living. After all, having spent a year in New York during her early 20s, she had aced the art of surviving—and thriving—in small spaces. “I was especially intrigued by the impossibly tiny bathrooms,” says the bona fide Londoner and commerce director at British Vogue. “Because somehow, I had an inkling that I might one day put my observations to good use.” The inkling, as it turned out, proved serendipitous for Naomi. Many years later, when she chan

This seafront beach house in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri is an optical illusion

The architecture quietly nods to Charles Correa, under whose aegis Agshikar worked for almost eight years, and whose style continues to inform his designs today. Mind you, the interventions are all Agshikar's own. When he took the architectural reins, for example, the plot posed a conundrum. A mere 40 feet in width, there was no room for any additions, and so the structure had to be built on the plinth of the original house, which now lay dilapidated. "There was also a space issue," recalls the

Curiosity Central: Capital Kitchen in Amsterdam by Maarten Spruyt.

There are many things to love about Amsterdam: its great canals, the bike culture, the gorgeous cityscape and the adorable houseboats. Not to forget, the friendly locals and the stroopwafels that melt in your mouth like little spots of sunshine. If the city had a resumé, there wouldn’t be space to fit anymore. Not that that would stop it from adding to its already stellar list of attractions. One of the latest in said list is Capital Kitchen, a new restaurant conceived by multi-talented artist a

This 867-Square-Foot Parisian Pad Is at Once Zen and Zany

On Paris’s Avenue Mozart, where Haussmannian apartments appear almost frozen in time, there’s one that breathes an impossibly modern air—at least on the inside. “That’s what we were going for—equal parts considered and chic,” says Léa Levy, who purchased the two-bedroom apartment a few years ago with her husband, Alexandre Murciano. “We had been looking for an apartment in Paris for a long time. And when I saw the shape of these windows, I knew we’d struck gold,” says Levy, adding that at the ti

Ritu Kumar's home in Goa is designed around a 400-year-old Banyan tree

“Goa is a place where we like to let our hair down and relax with family and friends. The home, styled by Prateeksha Kacker Tholia, had to be spacious enough for lots of people, but still have intimate corners. And so, we decided to follow the natural slope of the land to achieve an atypical layout with many private nooks. These allow you to remain completely undisturbed even when the rest of the house is full of guests.” Airy, welcoming, warm, bright: these are the descriptors that Ashvin offe

The Red House in Barcelona by Aramé Studio.

Interior courtyards have long been a hallmark of Mediterranean architecture, stretching all the way from the Iberian Peninsula to the Persian Gulf as far back as 2000 BC. In fact, in the ancient town of Ur, by the Euphrates River, each home had a courtyard at its heart. Likewise, in ancient Greece, the courtyard was the home’s nucleus, serving as a central sanctuary and illuminating the rooms that skirted it. The architectural style took on various other avatars: in Rome, it emerged as the domus

This California couple’s seafront Mumbai nest is a sweet ode to their life story

As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a channel sales operation consultant, Devavarapu and Bandyopadhyay enjoy the luxury of defining their own schedules. “We like to call ourselves urban nomads because we enjoy travelling and exploring the world. It's one of the perks of running your own business,” says Bandyopadhyay. “Travel has shaped our personalities, broadened our perspective and enriched our minds. These factors reflect clearly in all our homes across the U.S., London and India.” By the s

Casa Aire in Medellin by Cinco Solidos.

In Medellín, Colombia, atop a bluff that overlooks the valley, is a house that kisses the clouds. Aptly named Casa Aire, or House of Air, it moves you along with the breeze, quietly, weightlessly, towards a handkerchief balcony that appears to somewhere meet the mountains. With a spirit so zen, you’d imagine it to belong to a retired couple. Or a quiet family looking to escape city life. Anyone really, but a best-selling mega artist with over 35 million records. But for Colombian music sensation

[Print] Bangalore: Sunshine in the City

It was the summer of 2021 when Nain Belliappa received an unexpected call—from a fellow designer with whom she had previously collaborated. "She resonated with our work and was keen on exploring a working collaboration," she recalls. But this time, the home in question was the designer's own, and she was particular about the process. "For the first time in many years, I was required to submit a pitch. I initially told her we don’t pitch for projects, but a week later, I called her back with a design proposal. She loved it and the rest, as they say, is history!" "She" would be Namita Agrawal, founder and creative director of Bangalore-based boutique home decor store Sunshine Boulevard, who tapped Nain and her team—which included design lead Ritushree Belur and execution partners Tattva Lifespaces—to imagine a Goa-style bolthole with cheery colour and lots of light.

[Print] Mumbai: A Homemade Holiday

Like many young couples, Himani Agrawal and Krishna Khandelwal had long dreamed of owning their own home in Mumbai. Having met as students at IIT Bombay, and married soon after, there was something utterly magical about forging their next chapter in the Maximum City. So when it came time to make—and design—their maiden home, they knew they had to pick someone special. "The nature of their work requires them to be flexible in terms of location. So one of their prerequisites was that they be able to pick up and move easily, at minimum cost, if and when the scenario arose," says Deshna Kasliwal, founder and principal designer of her eponymous Mumbai-based design firm—and the “someone special” that the couple picked to give their new home a sunny facelift.

This Bengaluru home is a cosy French-country nest for a family of three

Nain Belliappa knows only too well the effort it takes to clinch a new project. So when a prospective client threw in an extra one as part of the deal, it was as if Christmas (and all the festivals before it) had come early for the interior designer and founder of Bangalore-based Houseof9Design. "She insisted that we take on two homes—hers and her business partner's—situated one below the other in the same building. Both homeowners were wonderfully easy-going, so saying yes was a no-brainer," sa

Biiird Yakitori in Guangdong by bigER club design.

During festivals, or just on regular weekday evenings, the main streets of Japan buzz with small carts and stalls known as yatai. These yatai are where people flock to get their hands on yakitori, a Japanese style of skewered chicken. There’s something magical about the experience. Standing roadside, skewer in hand, unperturbed by the cars that swish past or the busy passersby. Over time, yakitori stalls evolved into yakitori restaurants, but what remained unchanged was their knocked-back, fril

In Chennai, an architect builds a peaceful home for her parents, inspired by her memories

Much like the light in Bawa's architecture, the home flows like sunshine. "We created a close arrangement of rooms, with one leading into the next. The intention was to minimise the use of corridors in favour of a more informal and intimate environment," says Ramanathan. As for the architectural placement, she chose to situate the house at the heart of the plot, adding a garden on either side. "We used materials that were largely sourced from the region: bricks made outside Pondicherry, stone fr

Kozhikode: In this riverside bungalow, nature is the nearest neighbour

Feroke in North Kerala is a rich heritage zone famous for its history, the Chaliyar River, the railway bridge, the lush mangroves, and the numerous tile factories on the river bank. So naturally, when Aadil Salim first set eyes on the site that was to be his next project, he couldn't help but admire the view that lay before him. "The river bank was festooned with fishing boats that were once of cultural significance to the area. We wanted to reimagine all these hallmarks inside the house, but in

Recooked Leftovers: Mo de Movimiento in Madrid by Lucas Muñoz.

Mo de Movimiento is no ordinary restaurant. It’s a phantasmic space brought alive from dead objects, each one resuscitated, repolished and refashioned into something new. For most designers, an interior like this would have been a tall order. But Lucas Muñoz is not most designers. The Madrid-based creative has an exceptional flair for upcycling objects, as evidenced in Mo de Movimiento, his largest and best waste-to-wealth project yet. As far as the interior goes, each element nods to the envir

Ahmedabad: A Restrained Retreat

In a city like Ahmedabad, where traffic and people are always aplenty, a quiet escape can be a rare luxury. This multigenerational household — a couple, their two grown-up children and the husband’s mother — wanted a home far removed from their busy surroundings. ‘They wanted a space that provided a sense of escapism, where comfort and quiet would reign supreme,’ says Rajesh Sheth, founder and principal of Ahmedabad-based interior architecture firm Designer's Circle, who was hired by the family

A Designer Turned Her Tumbledown NYC Apartment Into a Minimalist Parisian-Inspired Retreat

For Margaret, the kitchen was a labor of love. “I love to cook and a full-size kitchen with full-size appliances, a floor-to-ceiling pantry, and wine storage were all priorities for me—a rare combination in New York for an apartment this size,” she reflects. And yet, for a kitchen that pulls heavy duty, the aesthetic is surprisingly easy-breezy. The custom cabinets, for example, match the wood floors in style and spirit. And the ceilings are coated in a high gloss paint that nicely reflects the
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