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Why Goa’s architecture and interiors are like no other

Informed by the Portuguese influence yet designed and executed by highly skilled Goans, the vernacular is a beautiful marriage of Mediterranean sensibilities and local materials

The old Latin quarter of Goa in India is a palimpsest of narrow cobbled lanes, centuries-old villas and eye-popping facades in butter yellow, sea green and cerulean. Informed by the Portuguese colonisation of the state in the 1500s, most colonial-era homes date back to the 18th century or early 20th century, exhibiting

The Global Emergence of Singapore’s Art Market

“Contrary to its image of being a soulless city of vast air-conditioned malls, Singapore has become a rambunctious and increasingly sophisticated place. It is building a magnificent arts centre on Marina Bay. Its rich multi-cultural mix is an asset too. … We are benchmarking Singapore against the best cities in the world. We will study the distinctive features of world-class cities and adapt them for Singapore.”

The home of the future may be hands-free. Here's how

We explore developments in the smart home industry that will fundamentally shape a new era of residential design.

If you've experienced the joy of a bag of Cheetos®, it's likely you're familiar with the telltale orange dust it leaves behind on your fingers, rendering you temporarily handless until you take a trip to the sink. But what if the dust never left? What would it take to live a productive life hands-free? The answer, evidently, lies in a marketing experiment by parent company PepsiCo i