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The Curated Finishes Collection by Phoenix

The range highlights eight distinctive finishes – the recently-launched Matte White and Brushed Carbon alongside the established Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Gun Metal, Matte Black and Stainless Steel. All eight finishes feature across the brand’s tapware, showers and accessories, offering unparalleled cohesion paired with Phoenix’s signature quality and longevity. The collection seeks to embolden design visions, considering tapware, mixers, shower heads and accessories such as towel ra

Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding - Collection Feature

Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding sets a precedent as James Hardie’s maiden exterior cladding product with a slanted groove edge. The design adds dimension to a façade by delivering a dynamic dance of sunlight and shadow, projecting the illusion of a light-shifting exterior, and can be tailored to achieve a particular aesthetic. When installed vertically, Hardie™ Oblique Cladding can be arranged to inspire a range of styles, including Scandi barn, contemporary and modern farmhouse. Aesthetic considerati

[Print] Melbourne: Casa Di Campo by Neil Architecture

Located 32 kilometres west of Melbourne, is a district steeped in a time-honoured tradition of agriculture. In Werribee South, the land is flat, the soil is red and fertile, and the landscape unfolds unto the horizon with market gardens full of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel and many more greens. For a district that cultivates a substantial portion of Victoria’s vegetable produce, the area is far from residential, rather marked by the occasional farm house or machinery shed, appearing like islands atop the flat plains. Therefore, when David Neil, founder and principal architect of Neil Architecture, was approached by a family of second-generation farmers to construct a home on the farmland, the true challenge lay in conceiving a residence that would afford the inhabitants adequate privacy and respite from the farmland.

Mancini Made Unveils New Melbourne Office

On its 10th anniversary, award-winning Melbourne-based design and construction firm Mancini Made – which specialises in the design and build of high-end homes, townhouses and apartments – has more than one reason to celebrate. Its new purpose-built office, designed in collaboration with renowned landscape design studio Eckersley Garden Architecture, takes a leaf out of the Mancini Made’s decade-long legacy of delivering high-quality built environments.

Casa Sul Lago by Baxter - Brand Feature

Baxter’s new outdoor line is inspired by the growing aspiration to furnish outdoor spaces with high-quality furniture. Designed and executed in-house, together with Baxter’s signature designers, the pieces — comprising tables, chairs, benches, sofas and more — are a result of several years of research. The upholstery is innovated to withstand outdoor elemental damage. Baxter’s cotton fibre alternative mirrors the feel of raw cotton and linen, while offering the robustness of ecological yarn. Sim

The King Outdoor Furniture Collection - Collection Feature

Established in 1977 as a family-owned, family-run company, King has since succeeded to the vanguard of Australian furniture design, with a portfolio of contemporary, award-winning furniture that is built to last. Its latest outdoor collection draws on a five-decade tradition of high-quality craftsmanship to reimagine al fresco living.

From balconies to backyards, courtyards to country houses, indoor-outdoor spaces are integral to the Australian way of life. The King luxury outdoor collection –

Papaya Brings Linie Design Rugs to Australia and New Zealand - Product Feature

Since 1980, Danish design house Linie Design has stayed true to its Scandinavian roots whilst simultaneously emerging as a pioneer of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, with distribution to over 70 countries. Now, for the first time, the company brings its decades-old tradition of textile craftsmanship to Australia and New Zealand through an exclusive distribution partnership with Papaya.

Rooted in an abiding tradition of craftsmanship, Linie Design’s rugs are handmade by skilled artisans, affor

Viktoria & Woods by Annabel Kerr Interior Design - Project Feature

Established in 2004, Viktoria & Woods is a homegrown fashion label with a rising retail presence across Australia. The brand’s latest boutique at Pacific Fair, designed in collaboration with interior designer Annabel Kerr, marks the label’s 15th bricks and mortar location in the country.

Viktoria & Woods is synonymous with modern, pared-back wardrobe staples. To translate its minimalist signature into the design scheme of its latest store, the label’s Founder & Creative Director Margie Woods en

Le Labo Potts Point - Project Feature

Le Labo, which translates to ‘the lab’ in French, is true to its name. Its boutiques in Australia, like those around the world, are designed like artisanal laboratories where patrons can inhale and interact with raw ingredients as they like. Each formulation is hand-blended and made to order, to ensure that it retains the fullness of its fragrance, especially its delicate top notes. Likewise, each label can be personalised with the date and place of the formulation, as well as a message of the c

Lancemore Milawa by The Stella Collective - Project Feature

Nestled in Victoria’s High Country, hotel Lancemore Milawa by Hana Hakim of The Stella Collective is designed as an ode to the region’s four distinctive seasons. With 40 well-appointed rooms and suites, intricate detailing and interior-exterior spaces that blend into one another, it is a country escape that coalesces with its surroundings.

Victoria’s High Country holds year-round promise. From wildflowers in the spring to golden sunsets in the summer, crisp autumnal landscapes to snow-capped wi

The Erskine Sofa by Kett - Product Feature

The Erskine Sofa by Kett is inspired by the tones and textures of the Australian landscape, whose undulating topography is reimagined in its waterfall-like sweep. The Erskine is made to order in Melbourne in a range of upholstery options that hold a mirror to Australia’s warm tonal deserts and cool misty mountains.

As the focal point of the living room, the sofa often inspires fond memories. For many families, it is not just a piece of furniture but rather an investment that requires thoughtful

District and Mattiazzi - Collection Feature

Australian design brand District has long championed sustainable design, supporting and collaborating with responsible, environmentally sensitive makers from across the world. Its 10-year partnership with Italian sustainable furniture brand Mattiazzi is testament to this ethos. Recently, in commemoration of their decade-long association, District’s Sydney showroom opened its doors to clients, inviting them to participate in workshops that showcased Mattiazzi’s thoughtful product life cycles.


Sydney: Earlwood House by pH+ Architects - Project Feature

Previously a light-starved structure, Earlwood House steps into the light, courtesy of a functional and uplifting transformation by pH+ Architects. Following a comprehensive layout reconfiguration, along with the addition of retractable floor-to-ceiling glazing and a central sliding rooflight, the new home – located in Sydney’s inner west – now embraces indoor-outdoor living and engages fully with its surroundings. In its past life, Earlwood House had significant issues. “The original home was i

For the Love of Linen – Carlotta + Gee

Since its inception just over four years ago, Carlotta + Gee has developed a versatile and growing repertoire. The bedding collection, which can be found in luxury accommodation like The Barn Tas, includes duvet covers and sets, flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and a mini flat sheet. This bedding collection is available in 17 earthy colours and has recently expanded to include not only king and queen sizes but single, king single and super king too. The flat sheets’ built-in 20-

The Curated Finishes Collection by Phoenix

At a time when kitchens and bathrooms are increasingly becoming personal sanctuaries, The Curated Finishes Collection is conceived to offer for both designers and homeowners the freedom to find the ideal finish that complements their overall material and colour palette. Considering tapware, mixers, shower heads and accessories like towel rails, shower shelves, soap dishes, robe hooks and toilet roll holders all within the same ethos, The Curated Finishes Collection seeks to embolden design visio

Carlotta + Gee x Nadia Fairfaz-Wayne Launch a Spring-inspired Napery Collection

Over a year in the making, the co-founders of Carlotta + Gee, Georgie Cavanagh and Carlotta Casals, considered Nadia the obvious choice for the collaboration. “Nadia is the ultimate host. We couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather do a napery collection with. She is very Carlotta + Gee. Her unique colour choices and style make you want to sit down and enjoy yourself around a table. These products will be a breath of fresh air this spring as people revel in each other’s company again,” say

Mobilia Debuts an Exclusive Kettal Space at its New Richmond Showroom - Brand Feature

Kettal’s legacy as a distinguished outdoor furniture maker has long been emblazoned in the global design firmament. At Mobilia’s new Richmond showroom, discerning Australians have a chance to shop the brand’s latest collections in an atmosphere reminiscent of the outdoors.

Since its inception in 1964, Spanish outdoor furniture brand, Kettal, has managed to stay at the forefront of innovative and sustainable furniture design. The company was established by Manuel Alorda, who, after a trip to Ger
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