India’s Hampi Art Labs is a piece of architecture at one with its content and context

When viewed from a distance, Hampi Art Labs could pass for a spectacular riverbank – if a riverbank did such a thing as levitate. Located in southern India near the Unesco World Heritage Site of Hampi, the structure is a sleight of hand by leading Indian architect Sameep Padora (behind numerous Indian houses, such as Lattice House, as well as Wallpaper* Design Awards Best Public Building 2021 Temple of Steps). Hampi Art Labs undulates with the landscape, echoing the nearby Tungabhadra River and

Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore aims to democratise art and culture

The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) wasn’t born as a museum – at least, not in the flesh. Conceived by philanthropist and collector Abhishek Poddar in 2020 as India's first online-only art and photography gallery, it effectively upended the typical ‘physical-first, digital-next’ museum rulebook by assuming a bricks-and-mortar avatar earlier this month, three years after its digital launch. Situated in the heart of Bangalore, at the crossroads of Vidhana Soudha (the state capitol), The High C

Vinu Daniel on the glory of garbage in architecture and Chuzhi House

Vinu Daniel never aspired to be an architect. Born in Dubai to parents of South Indian origin, he was always expected to pursue something mainstream, such as law or medicine or even chartered accountancy. ‘Certainly anything but Carnatic classical music,’ jests the founder of Wallmakers of his childhood proclivity for the arts. In a bid to reconcile his passions and his family’s hopes, Daniel moved to India for university, enrolling at the College of Engineering Trivandrum for a degree in archit

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