Secret Garden House by Kennedy Nolan.

Somewhere in Melbourne, beyond a mystical arched gateway, hides a secret garden that is the stuff of storybooks. Like its famous namesake novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it is big and wild, with birds and butterflies and blooms that come alive at magic hour. Only, unlike the book, this secret garden is beautifully tended, serving as a restful, sequestered sanctuary for its owners, who enlisted Patrick Kennedy and Rachel Nolan and their team at Kennedy Nolan to construct a home at its heart. W

Masseria Belvedere Holiday Residence in Puglia by Valari.

A centuries-old olive garden, sweeping vistas of the Adriatic coast, a hectare-and-a-half of land that unfolds unto the horizon—Masseria Belvedere looks as much a part of the landscape as the sky and the sea that ensconce it. And not without reason. When architects Nicolò Lewanski and Federica Russo—co-founders at London-based architecture firm Valari—first set sight on the Puglia property, it wasn’t much more than a stone ruin jutting out of a rockface. “It was this strong character that set t

Moss Manor in Moss Vale by Luke Moloney Architects.

Moss Manor has had many lives. Its glorious Victorian bones once housed the town’s council chambers, and now, in its present avatar, it serves as the Southern Highlands’s first art hotel. To say it has set precedents would be putting it lightly, so when Luke Moloney, founder and principal architect of his eponymous architecture firm, came on board to design the hotel, he was but destined to set another. In a bid to turn the hotel into a characterful showcase of Australian art, Luke tied up with

FUNFUN Gallery, Exhibition Space & Cafe in Hangzhou by lialawlab.

FUNFUN Gallery is exactly what it sounds like—fun, fun, fun, in big capital letters. Situated in an old building that once housed the Hangzhou silk printing and dyeing factory, the cultural and creative park-cum-gallery retains the factory’s 1950s industrial hallmarks—most notably its single-pitched roof, cement trusses and high daylighting windows. “The project is positioned as an integrated exhibition space for art and cultural exhibitions, as well as for multimedia facilities and services. It

Writing on the Wall: Monolocale Effe in Mantua by Archiplan Studio.

When Diego Cisi and Stefano Gorni Silvestrini of Archiplan Studio jumped on board to restore a house in the historic Italian town of Mantua (designated the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016, and declared a centro storico or old town, by UNESCO in 2008), the 15th-century wall frescoes were one of the many things that caught their attention. So much so, that the intent to preserve them for posterity, was presented, literally and figuratively, as writing on the wall for the pair. For Diego and St

Artchimboldi’s New Work-Play Retreat in Menorca by Emma Martí and Anna Truyol.

For Anna Truyol, Menorca is special for reasons personal and professional, old and new. Not only does she have family ties to the island, but now, her latest labour of love—a nature-inspired retreat for companies—has made a new home on the Mediterranean island. As the founder and promoter of Artchimboldi—a company devoted to reimagining the way teams synergise in the workplace—Anna isn’t new to the art of creating inspired meet-and-eat business environments. Her existing two work-play jewel boxe

Silo: A Zero-Waste Restaurant in London by Nina+Co.

Nina Woodcroft has created interiors for some of the world’s best-known hotels. But that’s the last thing that sets her apart as a name to know. “Fifteen years into my design foray, I grew frustrated with the prevalent disregard for the wellbeing of people and the planet,” says the London-based designer, who founded Nina+Co in 2014 “to collaborate with other change-makers, like-minded clients, innovative designers and local craftspeople on carefully selected projects with a strong focus on sust

Studio McW Transform an East London Warehouse into a Live/ Work Loft for Earthrise Studio.

Somewhere in East London, inside a 1924 shoe factory, sits an apartment that could pass off for a park. Exposed brick emblazons the walls, plants spill out of baskets and a garden-style picnic table masquerades as a spiffy workspace. When climate activists and filmmakers, Jack Harries and Alice Aedy, first got their hands on the duplex space, there was, admittedly, a lot of work to be done. And so, the pair tapped David McGahon and Greg Walton of Studio McW—whom they found online—to give the war

Spiritual Sanctum: The Turiya in Bali by Studio Kozak.

Somewhere between the beach clubs of Seminyak and the colourful surfing village of Berewa Canggu, is a villa that’s easy to miss. Not because it isn’t beautiful, or that it doesn’t stand out. Quite the opposite, really. With a spirit so meditative, it’s a little sanctum far removed from the bustling beach shacks around the corner. “Canggu lacks luxury accommodations suited for the more discerning traveller. The mandate, therefore, was to redefine the luxury villa experience with sophisticated an

Little House on the Quarry in Cumbria by Norman-Prahm Architects.

If you were to drive through the foothills of the English Pennines, you’d spot traditional Cumbrian longhouses camouflaged into their surroundings. But there’s one among them that stands apart—at least on the inside. “Pretty much everything in the house was collected by the client, who has worked at NGOs in the Middle East and East Africa. In many ways, the project was built to contain all the things she had collected over the years. But the house itself is an emblem of her childhood, of the pl

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s Freestanding Azulejo Screens are an Ode to the Ocean.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s latest is a set of three screens using the tin-glazed ceramic tilework tradition known as ‘Azulejo’. When French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance moved to Lisbon, the first thing that struck him was the diversity of tiled panels that dominated the city. It wasn’t long before he was hooked, and he knew he had to learn more. He soon discovered that most were by modernist artists, rendered in collaboration with artisan tile maker Viúva Lamego. And that the art form was ac

A Waterfront Weekend Retreat in the Hamptons by Sandra Weingort.

Airy, light and full of character, this waterfront Hamptons home holds a mirror to its natural surroundings. But as Sandra Weingort will tell you, bringing the home to life was nothing short of a (lockdown) miracle. “On March 26, 2020, when the owner contacted me, New York City, like much of the world, was under a pandemic lockdown,” recalls Sandra, admitting that she was terrified of the uncertainty associated with working remotely. “My first thought was that it would be irresponsible to take o

A Beachfront Bungalow in Sorrento by Fiona Lynch.

With a wheat-toned interior and Italian Rationalist hallmarks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Sorrento House is located somewhere along the Positano coastline. Instead, it sits quietly opposite Victoria’s Sorrento Sailing Club, matching it in style and spirit with its pale timber forms, open weave linen curtains, pebble-like colours and earthy textures—qualities you would have missed if you had visited even a few years earlier. When Fiona Lynch jumped on board for the much-needed remod

Villa Guggenbuhl in Paris by Hauvette & Madani.

Villa Seurat isn’t a villa at all. Rather, it’s a small private street of studio-houses of yesteryear artists like Jean Lurçat, Marcel Gromaire and Arnold Huggler, designed in large part, by late architect André Lurçat in the early 1900s. So when the (re)design brief for one such home found its way to Samantha Hauvette and Lucas Madani of Paris-based interior design firm Hauvette & Madani, it was a bit of a double-edged sword. “It was a 1926 construction that once belonged to Swiss painter Walt

A Brownstone-Turned-Beach House in Sydney’s Camp Cove by Tobias Partners.

When architect and art aficionado Nick Tobias was scouting for homes for his family, he never thought he’d settle on the dark brick 70s build, much less buy it at auction. “But it was on a nice corner plot, had only one neighbour to the south, and the rear opened up to a beautiful reserve with magical fig trees. The front faced the north-west, so there was sun all day long. The orientation was really beautiful,” he recalls of his decision to lock the four-bedroom, five-bathroom Camp Cove propert

A Saramaga: A Sunset Sanctuary in Cartaxo, Portugal by DC.AD.

Before Duarte Caldas, founder and lead architect of Lisbon-based DC.AD, stepped in to revive an old house the Portuguese town of Cartaxo, the architectural programme of the building was like a horizontal Jenga tower gone wrong. “It was quite unusual, with exaggerated and disconnected elements and references, which resulted in a rather disjointed composition,” says Duarte. The architect, alongside project manager Catarina Mascarenhas, and architect colleagues, Mariana Marques and Martin Zeliar,

A Polychromatic Apartment in Rome by STUDIOTAMAT.

In the Parioli district of Rome, on the top floor of a 1930s building, sits an apartment that looks positively Photoshopped. With each room a different colour, it is aptly christened Cromatica (the Italian word for ‘Chromatic’). But it wasn’t always this way. When STUDIOTAMAT took up the project, it was a lifeless 160-square-metre apartment that needed lots of work. “The owners wanted a house with open and flexible spaces that could serve them in every season. It originally had a split layout, w

Maison Intègre's Debut Collection of Bronze Works Revives the Lost Wax Technique of West Africa.

Gleaming bronze finishes, gentle curves and a bygone quality that whispers of ancient traditions—Maison Intègre‘s maiden collection could easily belong in a museum. The Burkina Faso-based company’s limited-edition bronze work line—designed by founder Ambre Jarno in collaboration with French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and handcrafted by West African master artisans—revives the country’s lost wax bronze technique. And now, for the first time, design lovers have a chance to get up close and

Casa Cody, a 1900s Hotel in Palm Springs by Casetta Group and Electric Bowery.

Casa Cody has quite a history. Not only has it hosted legends like Charlie Chaplin, American opera singer Lawrence Tibbett and French-born novelist Anaïs Nin, but, as the oldest operating hotel in Palm Springs, its spirit has remained stupendously intact. Established by Harriet and Harold Bryant Cody (the former, a cousin of the famous William “Buffalo Bill” Cody) in the early 1900s, it became quite the hotspot amongst members of the arts community in its early years. Cut to today, and the hote

Dream Weaver: A Spanish-style Casita in Darlinghurst by YSG Studio.

Perhaps it was the pandemic-induced isolation, or their newly minted status as empty nesters, but when one Sydney couple acquired a penthouse overlooking Rushcutters Bay, they were mainly enthusiastic about one thing—dialling up the pizzazz and making up for lost time. And dial it up they did, thanks to Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem of YSG Studio, whom they tapped to give the home a Spanish tapas bar-inspired spin. With larger-than-life landings, glass walls, deep pile bespoke rugs and hypnotic stone s
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